Russia will be armed with new radars and icebreakers equipped with unmanned aerial vehicles and missiles in the Arctic

Liters of gas for heating and the stereotype of Russians’ traditional resistance to the weather are not enough to support Russian existence. Russia in the region Arctic. Minister Vladimir Putin Last December, he acknowledged the importance of the region and stressed his intention to strengthen the northern border: “The Arctic region great economic opportunities. In addition, the Arctic is important for strengthening Russia’s energy potential, expanding logistics and defense guarantee“. Therefore, he added: “The development of these regions is a undeniable priority On behalf of the Russian Federation”.

The north of the country is sometimes nicknamed “final frontier“It is also a critical point because it is an uninhabitable place, the resources under the Arctic Sea are exploited, and it is a focus of tension with Turkey. member countries NATO Such as Norway, Denmark, the United States, Finland and Canada. Therefore, Moscow is trying to increase its power. defensive capacity with radars more capacity, something planned for 2027 or an increase Attack capabilities of ice-breaking ships crosses the region. “We can equip a conventional icebreaker with: attack on drones and even attack on missile weapons” Russian media drew attention to ‘Izvestia’ Nikolai Novichkov, deputy of the Russian Duma and member of the State Duma Committee on Arctic and Far Eastern Development. “The ship will fulfill its ice guidance mission along the Northern Sea Route in normal times, and in times of threat battle ship The same politician stated that the Northern Fleet was assigned to perform deterrence duties against a possible enemy.

The plunder of the Arctic

Interest in protecting this region goes beyond defending the area. territorial integrity of Russiaand also economic opportunities Potentials that Moscow wants to exploit. Although there is a part of the Arctic that belongs to Russia, most of it is legally considered to belong to Russia. international waters because there was no region exposed under the ice. This limits Moscow’s potential use of natural resources and it wants to combat this problem. expand your territory by the hands of geologists.

since 2000, Russia Lomonosov tried to show that he had a back, The underwater mountain range crossing the Arctic Ocean is part of Russia’s continental shelf, something that would legitimize it as part of the country. Today, this announcement is controversial to say the least, because Denmark also pointed out that this underwater formation is part of the Greenland crust. At the bottom of the Arctic due to expeditions from different countries gas and oil reservesIn addition metals such as gold, silver, mercury or zinc among others.

surrounded by ice

Much of the country’s Arctic coastline is surrounded by sea ice, and there are few human settlements nearby. The government decided to combat the absence of civilians living in precisely this unfavorable place and to strengthen Russia’s Arctic positions “to strengthen Russia’s positions in the Arctic.” arctic mortgage” gives some people living in the area preferential access to some low-interest loans to encourage people from other areas to move and to help those already living there.

Although global warming poses a threat to many countries, it opens an interesting commercial window for Russia as it allows more intensive use of the so-called Northern Route, which connects Western Europe to China and Asia via the North Pole. Although this route is still not widely used today, it has already been tested and represents a new route. significant time and fuel savings for boats. In addition, from dangerous areas where pirates live, such as the Strait of Malacca, the coast of Somalia, or Red SeaWhere the Houthis rebelled Yemen They launched a campaign of attacks on merchant shipping. If this route were valid, commercial success Great support for Russia and the development of the Arctic region and Northern Siberia, which currently have the highest population density down from the planet.

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