Consumption recalls passengers’ rights in face of Iberia’s transport strike in Reyes

General Directorate of Consumer Affairs recommends see information provided by the airline rights assisting air passengers at airports or on their website, as well as on the website of the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA).

Among these, Consumption reminds that passengers affected by cancellations have the right to compensation. an information document setting out rules regarding compensation and assistanceServed with food and beverages.

There should also be the ability to make two phone calls or access other forms of communication, such as email or fax, and, if it is necessary to spend the night or make additional accommodation, accommodation in a hotel that will require your attention. Transportation between the airport and your accommodation.

Regarding the canceled flight, the affected company can choose from various options, Full refund of ticket price within 7 days flight cancellation; Alternative transportation to your final destination as quickly as possible And alternative on a date suitable for the passenger..

In case of cancellation, passengers are entitled to financial compensation. Between 250 and 600 eurosDepending on the distance of the flight, with some exceptions, such as when the airline notifies you of the cancellation 14 days before the scheduled flight or two weeks to 7 days before the scheduled flight.

It is not mandatory for the customer to have been offered alternative transportation that leaves the province. must be no more than 2 hours in advance and arrive at the final destination less than 4 hours late.or at most one hour in advance and arriving at the final destination less than 2 hours late.

In his note, Consumo reminds that the strike planned for Three Kings week “does not constitute an attack” an extraordinary circumstance that exempts the airline from its obligation to pay Compensation in case of flight cancellation”.

Source: Informacion


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