The most popular methods of traditional medicine among Russians were set at 05:00

Almost a third of Russians (29%) self-medicate when experiencing symptoms of illness. 16% tend to tolerate unwanted symptoms of diseases because they do not have time for treatment. And almost every tenth (9%) use traditional methods to get rid of diseases. Such data was obtained during the Budu study, the results of which were reviewed by

One in five people prefer to combine folk remedies and medications during treatment. 20% are guided solely by doctors’ recommendations or prescribe medications entirely on their own. And 19% are treated only with the help of folk remedies.

The most popular methods of self-treatment are: hot tea with jam (44%), vodka with pepper orally or in the form of massage (34%), cough ointments with eucalyptus (26%). One in ten people strengthens the immune system with the help of ginger and citrus fruits, fights nasal congestion with the help of hot salt and garlic and inhalation of essential oils, goes to baths and saunas as a precaution against diseases.

But not one of the four folk methods helped get rid of diseases or strengthen the immune system. Another 57% said these practices were only partially effective. And every tenth Russian noted that the course of the disease had worsened due to self-medication with the help of folk remedies.

70% use traditional methods to maintain their health in winter. That is why every fourth person is sure that in the cold season it is important to dress as warmly as possible and take vitamins C and D to avoid getting sick. At the same time, 16% believe the key to health is dressing in layers. Another 15% remember their parents’ instructions about wearing hats and scarves. And 12% allow some alcohol before heading out to warm up.

At the same time, not everyone sees the impact of such measures. One in four people see no benefit, and half see only partial benefit. Moreover, 35% noted a deterioration in immunity – they began to get sick more often.

One in four believe in these methods out of habit from childhood, and one in five are confident that the popularity of the methods indicates their effectiveness. The other 15% do not want to use medications very often. 13% believe that any method is good in combating the disease. And one in ten people trust the advice of others.

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Source: Gazeta


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