Industry launches first call for Decarbonization PERTE with $1,000 million aid

Ministry of Industry and Tourism published an excerpt from the first circular announcement The Strategic Project for the Economic Recovery and Transformation of Industrial Decarbonization (PERTE), corresponding to the comprehensive action plan for decarbonization industry equipped production 1,000 million euros. The full text of this order will be published in the BOE next Saturday, the 30th.

In non-competitive competition this call is shared between: 500 million euros HE will be rewarded as to grant and another 500 million euros debtof these Commercial Companiesboth public and private, carrying out industrial activities and carrying out projects to decarbonise the industrial facility.

HE term presentation wants It will be between January 24 and April 17, 2024. companies separately or in group With other industrial companies, information providers or energy services companies, insofar as they contribute to the decarbonisation of the industrial plant.

Minister of Industry and Tourism said in his statement: Jordi HereuWith this order and call he stated the following: AIDSGovernment “fulfills its commitment to support” industry in the transition to more respectful models and processes environment and we will contribute to the goal of climate neutrality in 2050.”

The areas of activity of this helpline are: direct emission reduction Industrial facility aiming at decarbonization of energy resources, comprehensive energy management of industrial processes, decarbonization through reduction of natural resources or capture, storage and use of carbon; In addition to significant improvement energy efficiency by saving electrical energy; or renewable energy facilities for self-consumption in the production processes of the industrial facility, among others.

3.2 billion investment

PERTE envisages public investment as a whole for Industrial Decarbonisation. 3.170 million euros This will make it possible to mobilize a total investment of up to 11 billion 800 million euros.

Investments in the decarbonization of the manufacturing industry supported through this PERTE will increase the competitiveness of the sector by approximately 10% and will mean the creation of approximately 8,000 jobs. Additionally, a reduction in emissions that could reach over 13 million tons of CO2 per year is envisaged.

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