Oldest recorded part of the multiplication table discovered in China 00:13

Archaeologists found the oldest fragments of the multiplication table in a 2,300-year-old Chinese tomb. This was reported by Arkeonews.

The discovery was made in the city of Jingzhou (Hubei Province). Thousands of bamboo plates were discovered in tomb number M1093, on which more than 30 thousand symbols related to mathematics, literature, animal husbandry and medicine were written. Bamboo sheets were the most popular writing material before the advent of paper.

Decoding showed that it was written on the bamboo: “Five times seven thirty plus five, four times seven twenty plus eight, three times seven twenty plus one.” Scientists also discovered the oldest known example of an algebraic table.

The history of the cradles dates back to the Warring States period (475-221 BC), which ended with the reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, who united fragmented China and founded the Qin dynasty.

Before this discovery, the earliest records of impaction processes were believed to be bamboo sheets from the central Hunan province; these were a century younger than those discovered in Jingzhou.

A previously unique artifact from Pompeii to create on the wall of a village house.

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Source: Gazeta


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