Mobile phone purchase allowed the gang that kidnapped a businessman in Portugal to settle in Alicante

WITH gun point They kidnapped the businessman 82 years in Portugal and they took him away by car to barcelona. a journey More than 1,200 kilometers Under threats and beatings, they took his card numbers and got more from him. 100,000 euros. There, they left him tied to a tree in the Barcelona town of Collbató while they fled with the loot. Three major transfers that were later distributed to others 52 accounts were opened with fake documents trying to make it harder for authorities to track the money Security forces. They also made numerous purchases with the victim’s cards. a purchase mobile phone and shell because the device was a clue that investigators could use. Contact one of the material authors of the Alicante kidnapping. 10 euro purchase that takes the police to the police suspect’s houseBecause everything showed that it was for him. The same person involved in the incident was in prison for participating in the protest. Attack on brothel in Benidorm with baseball bats where did they shoot employees and customers.

This was the Alicante clue that led to the disbandment of a dangerous group of Brazilian origin. Young people aged 24 to 25, very violent and extremely unprofessional in his coups. Kidnapping of Portuguese businessman was planned at least a month in advance The gang took numerous security measures to ensure that they were not being followed by the Security Forces. Joint research between Mossos d’Esquadra, National Police and Portuguese Judicial Police, all coordinated by Europol. This businessman was kidnapped and nine people were arrested in Malaga, Murcia and Alicante. failed kidnapping of another womanin that country. Of the nine detained, five were arrested in Torremolinos (Malaga), the other four were arrested in Alicante, Sucina (Murcia) and Malaga and are charged with kidnapping, robbery with violence and membership of a criminal group.

Investigation into the call ‘Operation Luso’ the past has begun 25 August Hand in hand with Europol after first kidnapping of 82-year-old businessman Almacil (Portugal)They managed to steal approximately 100,000 euros from here. As reported at a press conference by Mossos d’Esquadra investigator Rafael Montes on Thursday, the victim revealed that he was attacked and forced to move to the back of his car so his attackers could drive away. During the nearly 20 hours it took to cover the 1,200 kilometers separating Almancil from Collbató, the kidnappers beat the man and threatened him with their money. Seize bank keys and initiate massive money movements.

vehicle location

victim found confused Bruises, superficial injuries and hematomas were sustained on a secondary road by a Collbató resident, which immediately alerted local authorities. After overcoming the language barrier, the kidnapped man said that his kidnappers left him tied to a tree after bringing him from Portugal. The car was found parked properly days later Barcelona airport car parkenabling to obtain images of authors and access to the tool so the scientific police can analyze it for fingerprints.

Footage of the joint press conference held this Thursday to evaluate the investigation. Lorena Sopena/European Press

Inspector Rafael Montes emphasized the importance of the study Constant money transfer to different accountsBecause criminals were working with banking institutions that opened fake documents online to make it harder to trace the money. Additionally, the detainees, who were Brazilian nationals and aged between 24 and 25, used the victim’s credit cards to make purchases at restaurants and electronics stores. Security forces estimate it to be around 100,000 euros money stolen from victimand we are in legal proceedings buy back some capitalIt was transferred to the organizations in France and Lithuania.

Over the course of the hijacking, the perpetrators made up to 52 bank transfers. Different stops at ATMs and stores where they used the victim’s credit cards.

Portuguese Judicial Police inspector Batista Correira said the gang chosen victims with very high assets and there was money in his checking account and he followed in her footsteps for a while, also search for comprehensive information.

failed kidnapping

The arrests were triggered by a failed kidnapping attempt on 11 December, when a vehicle was discovered in which two people got out before arriving at a woman’s home in Setúbal (Portugal). They threatened with a gun Trying to put it in the back of his car. An alarm was raised after the woman’s screams His partner appeared and fought off the kidnappers, who eventually gave up on the kidnapping. but they escaped in the victim’s vehicle.

woman reported her car stolen and thanks to GPS it could be located in Torremolinos, along with the five perpetrators of the kidnapping attempt. After the incident, security forces intervened. seven home records They found a firearm inside two firearms, a telephone, forged documents, zippers, clothes from the day of the abduction and a special printer in printing documents.

inspector Alicante Juan Castillo UDYCO National Police He described the difficulties they face in carrying out searches and arrests because criminals are “never at home or together”. They went to France and Portugal“. Among the nine people detained, there are two of the three material responsible for the first kidnapping. Admissions to a prison in Alicantethe third was already in prison for a violent robbery attempt at a brothel in Alicante. Other members of the gang, who were considered a support group and responsible for fraudulent banking transactions, were released on charges.

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