‘TardeAR’ contacted Victoria Abril on Wednesday after being accused of sexual assault by actress Lucie Lucas, with whom he shared the screen for more than a decade in the French TV series ‘Clem’. After the chaos, the Telecinco program tried to talk to the translator to find out his impressions on the matter.

Leticia Requejo began by explaining: the complaint was not presented to the court, but through social networks: “The actress who accuses Victoria of all this does it through a comment.” “We have contacted all parties and at this time the French actress did not want to respond,” he said.

However, the journalist managed to share some messages with Abril: “He told me this: I didn’t know what I was talking about. “I needed to send him the news so he knew what was going on around him.”

Receiving no further response from Abril, Requejo explained: “The news started to spread in France last night, but it reached us around noon.” “I noticed that he was a little angry. He asked me not to write again because he had nothing to say.“.

Sources close to Victoria Abril stated: the actor is “very calm”According to Europa Press: “He’s completed a great tour of France, a performance that drove him crazy, and he’s gone on holiday. All this, if it’s something real, which I doubt, let him do it in court.”