Seville witnessed a brand new Christmas Sergio RamosIt was held at the La Alegría farm. We had the opportunity to take a look at the feast organized by the football player at his home, with his parents, brothers and nephews, in a family atmosphere, in the rhythm of Javier Martínez’s music, via social networks. But, The images revealed a notable absence: Pilar Rubiohis wife.

Despite repeated denials about their relationship problems, Pilar Rubio’s absence from family celebrations fueled rumors of a possible breakup. While Mirian Ramos shares a live video of the Ramos family having fun Lorena Gómez and René Ramos, head of the clan, The mystery of Pilar Rubio’s existence continuedfuels speculation.

Although Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio shared a video together recently, this time they decorated the Christmas tree with their four children. They chose to skip the traditional family pose, hence, speculations about their relationship status are increasing. Social networks offered us a vision of Sergio Ramos’ celebration with his parents and siblings, but Pilar Rubio’s silence on her profiles was significant.

While Pilar Rubio went to Paris with her children days ago, her Instagram profile was not active after her farewell in ‘El Hormiguero’. In the midst of this secrecy, she showed the front of a publishing house with Sergio Ramos’ profile. A striking neon sign that reads “Remember to live…”It is accompanied by a piece from Jalezz’s song ‘Aire’. Could these messages be indicative of something else? Speculations continue around the couple.