The doctor gave advice to help get rid of stomach problems during the New Year’s holiday 12:50

The doctor gave advice to help get rid of stomach problems during the New Year’s holiday 12:50

Eating large amounts at a New Year’s feast can lead to stomach ache, heartburn, and more. How can you help yourself in this situation? said Alexey Paramonov, gastroenterologist, therapist, candidate of medical sciences, expert of the Doctor TV channel, head of the Rassvet Center for Evidence-Based Medicine.

Therefore, if you feel a feeling of heaviness and fullness in your stomach, the expert recommends trying to limit your food intake and drinking hot drinks such as juice or lemon water. It is also recommended to go outside and take a short walk.

To cope with heartburn, the doctor recommends taking a drug from the antacid group. If you’re experiencing diarrhea, experts recommend drinking more fluids. It is important to contact your doctor if you experience other symptoms such as vomiting and rapid heartbeat.

“After severe vomiting, especially against the background of an alcohol overdose, rupture of the mucous membrane at the junction of the esophagus and stomach is possible. This dangerous condition is called Mallory-Weiss syndrome. There may be a mixture of red blood in the vomit. Or the person vomits brown “coffee grounds.” Or black, oily, semi-liquid stools, decreased blood pressure, increased heart rate. Paramonov warned that these are the main “red flags” that indicate serious problems in the gastrointestinal tract, when it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor.

JSC “Medicine” (Academician Roitberg clinic) Gastroenterologist, Ph.D. Evgeny Belousov before said “” that starting the New Year’s feast after midnight is harmful to the body.

Russians before saidHow to properly feed children for the New Year.

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