Found guilty of biting a police officer in Zaragoza after swallowing a marijuana bud

The nerves displayed during police identifications raise suspicion among agents as a key indicator of narcotic possession. Since such interventions always result in superficial searches, the seizure of illegal items and the arrest of those carrying them, A young woman from Zaragoza did not hesitate to try to swallow a bud. give a stimulant at the same time a national police officer did everything possible to avoid him to the point where he took a bite in your hand. Last Wednesday, NML (Spain, 2002) admitted the facts before the 6th Criminal Court of Zaragoza and accepted a six-month prison sentence as the perpetrator of the crime of assaulting a law enforcement officer.

These were the terms of the agreement reached between the prosecution, the defense and the special prosecutor’s office, led by Marco Antonio Navarro, a lawyer representing the Jupol union. The eligibility decision issued by Judge María José Alegre also includes the following payments: Fine of 90 euros, three euros per day for a month 2,840 euro compensation As legal liability for damages caused. And this agent not only healed wounds on the index and middle fingers, but also Medications for possible exposure to HIV.

The history of the mentioned events dates back to the first hour of the night of September 21, 2021, that is, around 23:30, when a team from the Aragon Police Headquarters Citizen Security Brigade was deployed to Paseo Fernando El Catholic for the presence of a person. A group of young people with a frightening attitude at the door of a bank branch. When the agents arrived, no one was there, but they observed that the features mentioned matched those standing on the opposite sidewalk.

The now-convicted woman did not hesitate to put a green substance of plant origin (marijuana) in her mouth after demanding her documents. One of the agents realized his intention and tried to block it by raising his hand so much that a fight began. struggle between the two. He eventually bit off the index and middle fingers of his left hand. The emergency report at Cínica Montpellier reflected: minor nature of injuriesAlthough the efforts of healthcare professionals were focused on protecting the victim from possible exposure to HIV, they prescribed post-exposure prophylaxis medications to do so. He was prevented from serving as a member of the State Security Forces and Corps for a total of 38 days.

Initially, the special prosecutor’s office requested a three-year prison sentence for the first offense of assault and a two-year prison sentence for the second offense of wounding. The case was referred by the Instruction Court No. 2 of Zaragoza, and the decision is final, stating the following to the parties: will not appeal Before the Regional Court of Zaragoza.

Source: Informacion


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