Young teachers will be comprehensively supported in the Kemerovo region 12:15

Mentoring is part of the “seamless” education model implemented in the Kemerovo region. The head of the region, Sergei Tsivilev, announced this at a meeting of the State Council on “Increasing the role and prestige of the teacher and mentor”, held under the chairmanship of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

At the meeting, the President emphasized the important role of mentors in shaping the worldview of the younger generation.

“Today we are returning to these traditions, taking the best that both the pre-revolutionary and Soviet education systems were proud of. We are revitalizing the education and value component in schools, universities, polytechnics and colleges. “This is as important for our sovereignty as improving the quality of education and introducing advanced technologies to the education process,” he said.

As Tsivilev emphasized, the personnel reserve of enterprises and organizations of Kuzbass begins to be prepared from kindergarten and school. According to him, there is a comprehensive system of supporting young teachers in the region in order to attract competent and progressive-minded specialists to schools.

“We pay particular attention to those who agree to move to rural schools and work there. As a result, the number of applications from candidates applying for teaching specialties increased by 30% compared to 2022,” Tsivilev said.

So, on December 22, the governor presented certificates worth 1 million rubles to 25 teachers who moved to work in rural settlements of the region and small towns of Kuzbass. This support measure was implemented in the region in 2023.

Also, at the suggestion of Tsivilev, the regional law “On Education” was added to articles 8-11. An article was added to encourage teachers who prepare students in grades for the Olympics. Starting from January 1 next year, 30 thousand rubles will be paid to the winner of the All-Russian School Olympiad, and 20 thousand to the winner.

In addition, teachers living and working in villages, workers’ settlements and urban settlements in the region are paid full compensation for their living spaces, heating and lighting expenses. There are also 9 apartments aimed at young professionals. Teachers can live in such houses for five years, paying only water expenses. It is assumed that during this time they will be able to buy their own home or save for a down payment and get a mortgage.

Also, a “Mentoring School” for young teachers operates in Kuzbass, where more than 700 professionals share their experiences.

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Source: Gazeta


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