Former German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schauble, who was responsible for Finance during the Euro crisis, passed away.

Former German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble is one of the most important names in Europe. eurozone crisisHe died at the age of 81, his family reported this Wednesday to the German newspaper ‘Bild’ and the DPA news agency.

It was Schauble One of the most well-known figures in the government Angela Merkel, Although his last position on the front line was as speaker of the Bundestag (Lower Parliamentary House) between 2017 and 2021.

A member of the Bundestag for 51 years, he was once suggested as a potential successor to Helmut Kohl in the Chancellery, thanks to his political experience which led him to hold various posts, including at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In 1990, when I was fully responsible for Internal Affairs, He suffered an attempted murder from a gunshot wound that left him confined to a wheelchair but this did not distract him from political work; He remained there and continued to serve under Merkel’s leadership.

The current chancellor, social democrat Olaf Scholz, remembered Schauble as a name that guided the country for more than half a century and lamented that Germany had lost a politician, a thinker and a democrat.

The President of Germany also attended the condolence visit. Frank-Walter Steinmeier called Schauble “a chance for German history”. “We have lost a great man and a passionate politician who achieved historic things for our country,” he said in a message to his widow.

“The work of this extraordinary man and statesman will endure. We will not forget Wolfgang Schauble. He provided extraordinary services to Germany and Europe.” said the president, emphasizing that the former minister was “a visionary who never lost his vision.” “What matters” according to the DPA agency.

Emphasizing that “Schauble pursued our country’s goal of unity with the same determination as he worked towards the unification of Europe”, he praised how “he worked with determination for this” and argued that politics is the “elixir of life”. Schauble.

In this sense, he reminded that “for half a century he devoted himself to the service of the German people” and added that “everyone who knows Schauble encounters, above all, a born ‘homo politicus’ who commands the greatest respect.” Whether he is the leader of a party or a parliamentary group or the Prime Minister’s Office Minister, Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Finance or President of the Bundestag”.

Emphasizing that he returned to politics after the assassination, Steinmeier said, “Schauble was always guided by his own internal compass: the Christian vision of humanity, the tradition of his hometown Baden, civic morality and deep democratic faith.” His venture was an example of his personality, which “made him a role model to many people.”

“An extraordinary person”

For your part, Merkel expressed “great sadness” over Schauble’s death He emphasized that “Germany has lost an outstanding personality with his political and programmatic vision.” “We will miss Wolfgang Schauble’s voice in Germany, and I personally will miss his advice,” he said.

“I mourn the loss of a politician who shaped our country in so many ways,” he said before announcing. The former minister was one of the architects of German unification and a pioneer of good relations between Germany and Germany. France and Germany.

“As a young minister, Wolfgang Schauble was my political mentor. He was one of the mainstays of my first three cabinets, as Minister of the Interior and Minister of Finance,” he recalled. “I admired the discipline he showed, even towards himself, despite the paralysis he suffered after the assassination attempt. He set an example for millions of people,” he concluded.

Christian Democratic Union (CDU) leader Friedrich Merz also expressed his “sorrow” over the news appearing on social networks. “I have lost the best friend and advisor I ever had in politics. My thoughts are with his family, especially his wife Ingeborg,” he said.

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