This is the famous man from Telecinco who had a brutal experience in a prison in Puerto Rico.

Aless Gibaja is returning to television and doing so with great success as a contestant on Mediaset’s reality show. HE influencer He was out of the media spotlight for several years but decided to return to participate in Telecinco’s new bet ‘In Search of Nirvana’.

This is not the first time we see Gibaja in a reality show because she appeared in the fifth edition of Big Brother VIP along with other television characters such as Ivone Reyes, Irma Soriano, Toño Sanchís, Emma Ozores, Daniela Blume and The Guardian. The person who wins the prize in the end is Alyson Eckman.

In addition to reality shows, he has also been a collaborator on some network programs such as Late Night. ‘Talk to them.’

The man from Madrid took advantage of the television premiere to launch his new adventure. digital audio file He confessed a secret that surprised everyone: It’s about the bad experience he had. Puerto Rican prison.

“They’re recruiting me to be a guest at a party in Puerto Rico as a ‘superstar,'” the influencer begins. The place where they questioned Gibaja about his visa problem was at the airport police control: “You know what? you must have a work visa Because this is the United States? “They did you wrong,” he claims they said. After this moment, they detained him for two days: “I saw everything, the one who didn’t steal, the one who didn’t use drugs… Scandal.”

Fortunately, everything remained an anecdote because two days later he managed to get him out of prison.

Her big fight with her ex-best friend Oriana Marzoli

Aless Gibaja and Oriana Marzoli were best friends for years, but one night, everything is broken forever.

The television collaborator explains everything on the Mtmad channel, where he says that there was a problem where he expected her to defend him on a night when they both went partying, and that was not the case. “It’s pushed us a little bit apart,” she says in the video, in which she describes her current relationship with Aless.

Gibaja herself described the events on television: “There was a fight in a nightclub. She didn’t feel supported because I defended another girl who I thought was right. Then we never got back together.”

After this estrangement, there was a period when they tried to regain their friendship, but Marzoli assures that after several attempts to meet with her, he always made excuses that he was busy.

Recently, Aless called out the extronista, which the influencer claimed on Emma García’s show: “Oriana humiliates, disrespects, always physically attacks, I was like her chihuahua, I stole boyfriends from her friends.” Friends…”.

Is it possible we’ll see Oriana’s views on Aless as a contestant on this new reality show?

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