Biologists have found evidence of one of the theories about aging Scientific Developments: High fertility may be one of the reasons why people are aging 23:35

Genetic mutations that favor reproduction lead to poor health and numerous diseases in old age. This was shown by an analysis by scientists from the University of Michigan published in the journal. Science Developments.

In 1957, biologist George Williams proposed that genetic mutations associated with the aging process might be favored by natural selection if they promote earlier reproduction or the production of more offspring. The long-term effects on health are not significant because the person will still have time to pass these mutations to their children, even if their health worsens later in life. The new study tested this idea of ​​evolutionary aging using data from 276,406 patients from the UK Biobank.

Scientists have found that people who carry mutations that affect human fertility are less likely to live to age 76. This means that genetic mutations that favor reproduction can shorten lifespan. Having two children (no more, no less) contributed to the longest life.

“These results provide strong support for Williams’ hypothesis that aging occurs as a byproduct of natural selection for earlier and stronger reproduction. Natural selection does not care much about how long we live after reproduction ends,” the scientists noted.

However, the authors point out that both genes and environment affect reproduction and lifespan. They believe that compared to environmental factors, such as the effects of birth control and abortion on human reproduction, and medical advances that have increased life expectancy, the genetic factors they discovered play a relatively minor role.

Previous scientists I learnedBlue light from a smartphone can alter the functioning of genes associated with aging.

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