The benefits of plant-based nutrition for weight loss are listed as follows 19:36

Scientists from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, an American research and advocacy organization, found that plant-based diets promote weight loss and improve health outcomes. The results of their research shared In the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (EJCN).

244 people participated in the research. They were divided into two groups. The first group followed a diet based on plant foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, juices and grains) for 16 weeks. The subjects in the second group did not make any changes to their normal diet. Researchers tried to evaluate the diet based on three criteria: effectiveness, safety and usefulness.

At the end of the experiment, the scientists analyzed diaries in which participants in both groups recorded the amount and type of food eaten. To identify specific types of foods that promote weight loss, an analysis was conducted using regression modeling; This involves examining objects to determine the existence of various dependencies between them. Targets include grains, nuts, legumes, vegetable oils, tea and coffee, fruit juices, sugary drinks, potatoes, sugary foods, animal fats, dairy products, eggs, animal products and meat.

Self-reported calorie intake decreased significantly in both study groups. Accordingly, all participants lost weight in one way or another. However, volunteers who followed a plant-based diet increased their intake of dietary fiber and healthy fats. Such changes help improve bowel function and increase performance.

It has been noted that consumption of dairy products, vegetable oil, legumes, meat, tea, coffee and sweet products negatively affects weight loss effectiveness. People who ate more fruits, vegetables, and legumes had better weight loss results.

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