Nearly 1,200 Alicante residents benefited from the Second Chance Law in nine months

The so-called exploitation procedure since the end of last year Second Chance ActAlicante courts got a real result avalanche of demand Number of individuals who want to get rid of their debts forever. And it’s no surprise if you take this into account The alternative is to carry the threat of embargo forever.even if there is no being to respond.

In this way, only First nine months of 2023 It was offered in as many states. 1,169 competitions creditors of non-commercial natural persons – as this figure is technically called -, i.e. multiply the figures for the same period last year by fourAccording to the latest balance sheet of the General Assembly of the Judiciary.

Some people demand it We doubled the normal workload This increase in private bankruptcy cases, taken by the Commercial Courts in the region, Around 50% reduction in cases submitted by companiesIt increased from 394 to 178 in the same period.

Although individuals have had the opportunity to benefit from the situation known as the suspension of payments since 2015, Latest amendment to the Bankruptcy Law This has led to an unprecedented increase in the number of procedures. This change is a shortened transaction For these doughless competitionsthat is, situations where the debtor does not have the assets to meet its debts and therefore it does not make sense to delay administration. This is what is known as express competition


In these cases, it is sufficient to provide this. Acting in good faith, lack of precedent and not having applied in previous years If a creditor does not make a request within 15 days following the publication of the bankruptcy declaration in the BOE, another exemption has been introduced to benefit from this special procedure in which not even a bankruptcy administrator is appointed. For this reason, In most cases the debt is forgiven to those affected.

Archive image of the computer installation before starting in one of the Commercial Courts of Alicante. Pilar Cortés

This ease of transaction has recently attracted the attention of both people who have fallen into the trap, with the emergence of specialist law firms responsible for advertising it. economic problems for example, derived from constraints imposed during implementation. PandemicAccording to experts, like many other people who have been experiencing this condition for many years. We should not forget that in the past, for example, someone who could not pay the mortgage would remain indebted to the bank for life, even if their house was confiscated.

In this way, the profile of applicants is increasingly diverse and also includes many citizens with debts. rotating cardsinvestors who lost money cryptocurrencies or another very common condition, self-employment those who support their businesses with personal assets.

Logically, this avalanche overwhelmed the courts, who were looking for alternatives to prevent the Second Chance Act from disrupting its operation. Among these alternatives pilot program Alicante courts will start accepting applications artificial intelligence in order to automate some of the process.

They donated 35 thousand euros for his debts left by his mother

As reported by the expert office Repara tu Deuda, among the recent cases in which the Second Chance Law was applied in the province, the case of a woman stands out, for whom the 6th First Instance Court of Alicante forgave approximately 35,000 euros. The peculiarity of the case is that the source of the debt is in loans claimed by the mother of the affected person and passed to her when the parent dies. Desperate to make the payments, he requested a new loan, which contributed to worsening the situation. The woman filed for ordinary bankruptcy and then demanded the so-called exoneration of the unfulfilled obligations that the court had given her.

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