Of the 100 main beneficiaries of European funds in Spain, 61% are from the public sector

Late on Friday afternoon, the Government sent out the list. Top 100 buyers Next Generation EU funds with some hard data. Of the 100 funds awarded, 5.1 billion euros represent approximately 14% of the funds Spain has received so far. And from them, 61% belongs to the public sector. Adif is accumulating almost half of the funds (2.5 billion) to modernize conventional and high-speed rail infrastructure. In contrast, only 39% are private companies; There are approximately fifty companies, among which CAF, Ferrovial or Sacyr stand out.

Most of the tenders won Public works in railway infrastructure are in the hands of the private sector and the inclusion of electric vehicles. At the top of this list of fifty companies are two temporary collaborations (UTEs). The first of these is the Totana-Totana joint venture, which will receive 152 million euros, and the joint venture consisting of CAF and Thales Spain (134 million).

Ferrovial ranks third and is the only participating company. The firm led by Rafael del Pino Together they will receive 125 million euros It will undertake the execution of ten contracts, six from Adif, one from Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council, another from Santander City Council and the last two from Bilbao City Council. Behind them are Thales España (119.7 million euros), the Canal de Acceso joint venture (105 million), the joint venture between Sacyr-Cavosa-Taboada and Ramos (102 million) and the automotive group Irizar (83.6 million).

In addition to the railway infrastructure manager, Approximately 423 million euros were allocated to 30 municipalities for urban mobility projects and the creation of low-emission zones. According to the list sent to Brussels, Madrid City Council is the biggest beneficiary of European funds (65 million euros), followed by those in Zaragoza (59 million) and Alicante (40 million euros). In last place is the City Council of Pozuelo de Alarcón with 4.9 million euros, followed by Burgos (5.7 million) and León (5.8 million).

PERTE VEC and other programs

The funds obtained by these companies as a result of the Electric and Connected Vehicle strategic project are also noteworthy. (PERTE VEÇ) Modernizing the value chain of the automotive industry. The names of these look like this Seat, Stellantis, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Power Holdco Spain (the second received 97.5 million). And the special allocation received by the Autonomous Communities was missed, collectively allocating 24.5 billion euros for investment management within their jurisdiction.

Other departments, e.g. digital will direct nearly 500 million investments Euro for strengthening cybersecurity, digitalization and support of SMEs, and modernization of public administrations, among others. The Barcelona Supercomputing Center-Centro Nacional de Supercomputación is among the top 100 beneficiaries, with an allocation of close to 25 million euros, and shares space with the National Cyber ​​Security Institute, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, in support of the digitalization of SMEs or Digital Kit and AceleraPYME programs.

More than 36.2 billion from the treasury

According to the information provided by the Ministry of Economy so far, Spain $37 billion worth of transfers came from the European Union Euro after 121 milestones and targets have been met. The Public Treasury spent more than 36.2 billion euros, according to data collected up to October 20. Public administrations have issued assistance programs and calls for tenders for works worth more than 48,000 million euros, of which 30,000 million euros have been resolved, all of which are budget commitments signed with the beneficiaries or final winners, reflecting practice in the field of investments made. Europe Next Generation with EU funds.

EU Ministers of Economy and Finance (Ecofin) On October 17, Spain approved the Annex to the Rescue Plan. Thus, the second phase of the plan began to enable the continuation of the strong pace of investments in the 2023-2026 period, as well as the mobilization of an additional transfer of 10.3 billion euros and a loan of up to 83.2 billion euros. Currently the Government is working on the fourth payment request of €10 billion.

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