Europe puts an end to the proliferation of tourist houses

The proliferation of tourist apartments has become one of the most characteristic features of the region. mass tourism allowed in recent years increase the number of visitors and we revitalize the economies of many cities. However, there are more and more voices thinking this. Price to be paid Due to the proliferation of such accommodation – such as difficulties in accessing housing and expulsion of local residents or coexistence problems – very expensive, This means that more and more cities and regions measures to limit or at least streamline this business.

This was revealed at the round table meeting held within the framework of the congress. Housing: current issuesedited by University of Alicante And Spanish College of Registrars. Also discussed is a discussion draft regulation Adopted by the Council and the European Parliament will regulate data exchange Among administrators, users and administrators of Airbnb-type platforms Stop illegal rentals.

Professor of Civil Law at the University of Porto Raquel Guimaraes told his case PortugalThe proliferation of tourist apartments in the country’s main cities change the law and temporarily suspend the issuance of new permits. It is not for nothing that the second Portuguese city is one of the most saturated European cities, with 40 apartment listings per 1,000 registered inhabitants (compared to five in Madrid or ten in Rome) and Neighborhoods where more than 60% of real estate stocks are allocated for this purposeAccording to the data presented by the expert.

Participants at the roundtable held at the University of Alicante. Alex Dominguez

The new law will force municipalities to design plans that determine the maximum proportion of apartments in the city as a whole, giving them the ability to identify saturated areas. It will also challenge the owners get permission from other neighbors If they want to rent their house, the building.

According to a professor of Civil Law at the University of the Balearic Islands, the trend to limit this activity is “global”, although the Portuguese example is one of the most extreme: María Nelida Tur, who remembered “enormous” housing accessibility issues This makes this type of accommodation available in most tourist destinations in Spain.

normative diversity

In the same vein, restrictions on the location of tourist apartments on residential floors in Valencia, approved by municipal councils to alleviate the problem, Temporary suspension of Barcelona licenses wave Total ban approved in Palma permits this use only in single-family homes.

Tur also highlighted the problems created by online contracts of such leases when it comes to establishing controls, and recalled the Balearic Government’s own estimates suggesting that: 90% of tourist rentals evade legality.

A moment from the discussion table. Alex Dominguez

In this context, the expert emphasized the importance of the proposal. European Regulation About Collection and Exchange of Data Regarding Short-Term Accommodation Services. Arrangement for convenience Combine registration process The number of these apartments in countries that want will force platforms to provide monthly data The effectiveness of these records. Also some data users will be able to consult themselves to ensure the legality of the accommodation they have contracted for. All this will be done through one channel digital single window easy access.

However, it should be noted that not every country addresses the problem in the same way. For example, private law professor at the University of Chieti-Pescara Antonio Panichella He assured that in Italy there are fewer discussions about these accommodations and the main problem is knowing when the hosts will reach out to them. business people take into considerationIt requires them to register for VAT and register with the Chamber of Commerce.

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