How much will pensions increase in 2024? This is what your retirement will be like

HE National Institute of Statistics (INE) recently released preliminary data. Consumer price index (CPI) The month of November is an important figure that allows calculations How much will pensions increase in 2024?. This announcement by INE is not only an important economic indicator, but also signals a decisive moment for the global economy. retireesBecause this determines how the revaluation of contributory pensions will be for 2024.

This will be the increase in pensions in 2024

The increase in pensions in 2024 is the result of the pension reform implemented in the previous legislature. This reform enabled pensions to be indexed to the CPI in order to protect retirees from inflation and secure their purchasing power.

With an increase of 3.8 percent The average pension will reach approximately 1,429.33 euros per month. This increase in pensions in 2024 represents a relief for many, especially in an uncertain global economic context.

Revaluation of pensions with CPI This is a measure widely supported not only by the Toledo Pact, which represents all political parties, but also by unions and employers. However, the second phase of the reform, which focused on increasing revenues to guarantee the sustainability of the public system, did not receive the same level of support.

The increase in pensions in 2024 is a subject that attracts great public attention. While some celebrate this increase as a necessary step to ensure a dignified old age, others express concern about the long-term sustainability of the pension system.

The increase in pensions in 2024 represents a balance between the need to preserve retirees’ purchasing power and the challenges of a sustainable pension system. The average pension is 1,429.33 euros per month, indicating that this increase is a significant relief for many people. However, discussions continue about the future viability of the system.

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