Scientists have discovered a connection between people’s musical preferences and character traits 11:01

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London found that music preferences are closely related to a person’s personality traits. results published In PLOS One.

More than 1,400 people participated in the study, who completed psychometric questionnaires to determine moral values ​​and character traits. They also gave information about the artists they like. Researchers evaluated the acoustic and lyrical characteristics of each participant’s five most frequently listened to songs.

It turns out that intelligent people often prefer instrumental music, while extroverts prefer dance music, which corresponds to their stereotypical image. Volunteers exposed to stress and mood swings tend to listen to music with more complex lyrics and no repetition (with lyrics and acoustics). It was noted that songs about love and motivation were among the favorites among responsible and conscientious people.

According to the authors of the study, music is not just a source of entertainment or aesthetic pleasure. It is also a powerful tool that reflects and shapes a person’s character. The researchers hope their work will open up new possibilities for music-based interventions to promote moral development.

existed before named Music that can reduce physical pain.

Source: Gazeta


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