Peru’s Constitutional Court argues that former autocrat Fujimori should be released from prison

Keiko Fujimori said to wait this time “With great excitement” reinstatement of the humanitarian amnesty granted to his father six years ago, former autocrat Alberto Fujimori. The door of the house of the man who ruled Peru between 1990 and 2000 and fled to Japan in the middle of the public rebellion was opened by the decision of the Constitutional Court (TC).

“Court decisions must be followed” It will be implemented just like the decisions of the Supreme Court, but in this case it is the decision of the Constitutional Court that prevails. “We attach great importance to the decisions and jurisprudence of the court, but we have not decided on this issue in this case, and in any case, there may be a debate about the scope of this decision,” he said. TR. Francisco Morales Saravia also claimed that this depends on the state authorities. National Prison Institute (Inpe) proceed with the release of the former head of state.

The three-time presidential candidate immediately said that TC’s announcement was a “firm and definitive sentence that ends the inhumane blockade” of the pardon granted by the then-president on Christmas Eve 2017. Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. For the leader of Fuerza Popular, the group with the most power in Congress, the Constitutional Court “orders the execution judge for the final release” of his father.

The former president has health problems It can definitely lead to death. He is 85 years old and what is presented here are valid documents supporting our thesis. The former president needs to be released from prison,” defense lawyer Elio Riera warned last October.

His daughter echoed this argument.”He is 85 years old, he has different diseases “As far as public knowledge is concerned, he has been deprived of his liberty for more than 16 years and I believe that this is enough, we are not in a debate here to understand or analyze whether Alberto Fujimori is guilty or innocent,” he said. ‘el Chino’ in the lateral suppression of the conflict between Sendero Luminoso. A year ago, the Turkish Republic ordered compliance with the amnesty decision ordered by Kuczynski. However, the execution of this sentence was paralyzed. A measure by Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR). This body demanded that Peru guarantee justice for the victims of the massacre of 25 people in Barrios Altos and La Cantuta.

His daughter said, “I believe that the government will respect the Constitution, our laws, the rule of law and, above all, act in accordance with humanity.” She added that her father was waiting for the news “with peace and joy about this decision.” Weeks ago, Minister of Justice Eduardo Arana reminded that the IACHR decision remains in force.

Source: Informacion


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