Elon Musk met with Netanyahu in Israel after accusations of anti-Semitism

The richest man in the world, Elon Musk, went on a trip this Monday. Israel He meets with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Together they visited Kfar Aza, one of the ‘kibbutzim’ that came under attack by the armed wing of the Palestinian movement more than a month ago. HamasAn attack to which the Jewish State responded by destroying the north of the country. Gaza Strip.

Musk’s trip to Israel comes just ten days after the businessman amplified a message islamophobic And anti-semitic in x, social network previously known as… excitement. “You told the honest truth,” the businessman replied to a user’s comment that Jews supported Muslim “minority hordes” who were “flooding” the country to replace whites; This is a very popular conspiracy among supremacists and groups. migration.

This isn’t the only controversy surrounding Musk. A study published on November 16 found that ads companies rent on X may appear alongside messages Nazis Who praises your figure? Adolf Hitler. This knowledge led to big brands manzana, disney, IBM’s anyone Warner Bros. According to internal documents seen by ‘The New York Times’, the decision to cripple advertising investment on the platform is a decision that could cost X up to $75 million in losses. Musk chose to sue the organization that published these facts.

Musk and Netanyahu last met on October 18. Later, in California, the Israeli ‘prime minister’ asked him to fight against him. hate speech is increasing on this platform.

The controversial American businessman will also meet with the Israeli president this Monday. Isaac Herzogas well as representatives of their families hostages It fell into the hands of Hamas. Musk visited Israel, taking advantage of the temporary ceasefire declared by both sides. But Gaza’s Netanyahu refused to declare a ceasefire this Sunday and vowed to continue his offensive “until victory.”

business with israel

Musk’s meeting with Israel’s political authorities can be understood as a make-up after his last meeting. argument. “Actions speak louder than words,” he said in a message posted on X.

But it was also a journey business. Israeli Minister of Communications, Shlomo KarhiHe announced that he had made a “preliminary agreement” so that Musk could not activate his services. Internet via satellite star connection In Israel or Gaza without their approval. At the end of October, Netanyahu’s supporters opposed Musk’s proposal to deploy this satellite network to “help connect internationally recognized aid NGOs” and enable Hamas to use it to conduct “activities.” terrorists“.

Starlink’s role is already vital Ukraine To keep the resistance alive. However, the great power that Musk has has created some problems. Kyiv and worries other countries.

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