Francis Lorenzo and two actors from ‘Noone Lives Here’ are among the signings for the second season of ‘4 Stars’

The shooting of the second season of ‘4 Estrellas’ has started on TVE’s La 1 channel. After more than six months on the air and more than 100 episodes airing, Daily fiction, starring Toni Acosta and Marta Aledo Dafne Fernandez and Ana Gracia, among others, renew their plans with new signingsIt continues the spirit of comedy.

Francis Lorenzo (‘Red Eagle’, ‘Family Doctor’), Elisa Matilla (‘Nobody lives here’, ’30 coins’), Nacho Lopez (‘Jesus and the King’, ‘HIT’), Jorge Suquet (“Elite”, “Plastic Sea”) and Marta Guerras (“UPA Next,” “Serve and Protect”) Albalad joins the cast of the daily soap to bring his family to life.

Returning from vacation, Rita comes with news that will change the lives of everyone around her forever: “I’m Rafael. Let’s get married.”

Vera always had a queen, and now it’s time for us to meet her new king. And it’s not just she, ’cause Raphael (Francis Lorenzo) He is accompanied by his entire family. Peace (Elisa Matilla)sister-in-law and guard dog of the clan; Tristan (Jorge Suquet)independent stepson; Paula (Marta Guerras)The good girl who dazzles everyone with her smile and Diego (Nacho López)shameless groom.

Albalad will come like a hurricane that is difficult to calm down, and from the first minute there will be a conflict with Lasierra. His presence will reveal countless secrets, forbidden loves and mysteries that are difficult to solve. Especially an incident involving Rafael’s ex-wives will have everyone worried about Rita. This won’t be the only problem the Lasierra sisters will have to deal with…

‘4 stars’ reinforces itself in its product range

Daily fiction, co-produced by RTVE and Good Mood and executive produced by Daniel Écija, is currently known for almost all of its productions. 30 millions people, has an average audience of over one million and a share of 8.5%. Closed the month in October 1,124,000 and 8.8%. is second choice on home soil and gains multiple points advantage about the offers below.

La 1’s data increased by 1.8 points in its broadcast slot since its premiere. It has attracted audiences of all ages, socioeconomic strata and habitats, and has grown in almost all geographical regions, exceeding five quota points in some.

The series managed to open its profile to young people (with episodes exceeding 16%) and unite two groups that have a large weight in consumption: adults aged 45-64 (more than 12%) and older women.

A trend that is also carried over to the platform online RTVE Play has amassed over 19.2 million views of ‘4 stars’ since its launch, placing it among the best in the world. second most watched content after ‘La Promesa’ in this period in terms of reproduction volume. The series has consolidated a loyal following of an average weekly audience of more than 121,700 viewers and has maintained a steady trend on RTVE Play, gaining viewers in recent weeks.

Source: Informacion


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