It became clear how much a New Year’s gift should cost according to etiquette 11:30

Albina Kholgova, president of the National Association of Professionals in Business Ethics, Etiquette and Protocol, says New Year’s gifts should not cost too much. Saying that expensive gifts for this holiday are in bad taste, she emphasized that the average cost of gifts should not exceed 800 rubles.

“According to the rules of etiquette, expensive gifts should not be given. The gift should be purely symbolic, around 700-800 rubles, – registered Kholgova speaks to the 360 ​​TV channel. “Even spending three thousand rubles is a bad gift for the New Year, because it is already considered expensive.”

The expert stated that since one of the purposes of preparing a gift is to surprise, asking the person what to give is considered a wrong step. In his opinion, with a small budget it is worth choosing something symbolic.

Social psychologist Alexey Roshchin agreed with him that it is better not to ask for the desired gift. He emphasized that most of the time people like surprises.

“You shouldn’t choose based on the price tag: something pleasant and unexpected will make one happy anyway,” he added.

Psychologist Marcel Sulteev noted that in recent years Russians have not tried to celebrate the New Year on a large scale and often do not think about gifts.

“The concept of a gift fades from memory,” he explained. “In addition, the New Year is no longer a holiday where people open gifts, as it used to be, but just an excuse to gather all family members together, relax and at least do nothing.”

Let’s remember that the majority of Russians. saidWhat you want to get as a New Year gift from iPhone or other smartphone devices. Many also reported that they wanted to give it to their loved ones.

Experts before in the name The colors of the best clothes to wear to celebrate the New Year of the Dragon.

Source: Gazeta


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