Giant flying spiders take over the eastern United States 15:26

American biologists from Clemson University in Georgia assessed the extent of the invasion of large Joro spiders (Trichonephila clavata), which appeared in the eastern United States about 10 years ago and have become firmly established in their new environment. According to the official, despite their frightening appearance and size, these arthropods are harmless to humans. Web site scientific institution.

According to scientists, this invasive (alien) species was first discovered in Georgia in October 2014. Since then, the creatures have managed to reach North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, Maryland and West Virginia, and their current habitat exceeds 74 thousand square kilometers.

Joro spiders are native to East Asia, but climatic conditions in much of North America are now suitable for these animals.

Joro spiders can reach 10 cm in diameter, including their legs. Their colors are yellow and black, and females are brighter and larger than males. This species easily travels long distances in the air, laying a web and floating on it downwind.

Despite their alien origins, biologists say Joro spiders do not threaten humans or local ecosystems, so they do not recommend killing these creatures if possible. If the spider is annoying or scary, you can move it to another location with a broom or broom.

Former Australian residents warned about the infestation of poisonous funnel-web spiders.

Source: Gazeta


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