enjoy summer can be done in many ways. You can go to the mountains, the beach, the pool or stay at home. If you can, a removable pool You can turn your home into a spa by going even further, not in the garden or on the terrace of your home.


  • Decathlon makes it easy for you to dine on the beach: table, chairs and fridge, all in one

  • Decathlon launches the ideal umbrella for the beach: light, durable and inexpensive

  • Lidl swept diving mask for under 20 euros for the whole family

How? So a download Jacuzzi, or the same, this inflatable pool with Lidl seats for the whole family. Thanks to its comfort, you can enjoy a relaxing bath with the whole family. backrest seats and you can also have a drink while relaxing thanks to its two holes. drink holder.

Thanks to this new pool, you can sit, sunbathe and cool off at the same time. And Lidl has caught the attention of its customers so much that it’s currently out of stock online while it’s on price. 54.99 €.

Lidl’s swimming pool LIDL

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The main chambers of this pool have quick-release valves for faster inflation and deflation, as well as a drain opening for easy emptying.

The set includes two repair patches and is made of PVC. his measures It measures 268 x 268 x 66 cm and weighs 6.36 kilograms. What you should also keep in mind is that this pool cannot be sunk into the ground.