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“The tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not expect that a mine could come from above”


Unlike other anti-tank mines, the PTKM-1R hits the equipment, not undermining the chassis, but on the most unprotected and weakly armored part of the combat vehicle – its roof, hence the name “anti-roof”. “Plant im. GI Petrovsky” about this development of Nizhny Novgorod OJSC was officially recognized in 2018, and serial production of “jumping mines” for the RF Armed Forces began in 2021.

“Like any other anti-tank mine, the PTKM-1R “sits in ambush” – where it was placed by sappers on the likely path of advancing enemy armored vehicles. However, its task is not to stay under the caterpillar of the tank and explode, but to detect and identify heavy equipment from 250 meters away, to approach and strike at 50 meters. Firing a combat element with an explosive mass of 2.8 kilograms from a transport and launch container is carried out along a ballistic trajectory. The charge rises into the air and attacks the target, leaving no chance to maneuver and avoid defeat. The tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not expect that a mine could come from above, Sergey Belousov, a member of the College of Military Experts, told socialbites.ca.

The specialist also noted that the PTKM-1R mine can be called “intelligent”, it can “listen” and recognize the target by wisely choosing its “victim” – when the parameters are set, the mine will not react to a car, but wait for a tank or infantry fighting vehicle.

“This is achieved through acoustic and seismic sensors equipped with a launch container.

After scanning the target, the complex independently makes a decision about its defeat. The combat element itself is equipped with infrared and radar sensors. Lifting several tens of meters into the air, a warhead using a radar and thermal imager that reacts to hot engine exhausts is aimed at the target and fires a cumulative pulse core on the roof of the tower, ”

Added Belousov.

Igor Korotchenko, editor of the National Defense magazine, told Gazeta.ru that even a few PTKK-1s can block areas of land important for the movement of enemy equipment.

“Among the advantages of the new mine is its ability to control a large area. When placing several ammunition, it is possible to block a large area along the path of armored vehicles. Especially hidden areas along the route of enemy armored vehicles are country roads and forested areas. The probability of his defeat will be extremely high. This mine contains elements of “intelligent electronics”, has the presence of a unified means of target detection and identification, which allows you to precisely select the object embedded in its program. This is such a stealth tank destroyer, unlike stationary mines, where the pressure principle of the fuse is used, ”said Igor Korotchenko

Military expert Vladislav Shurygin agrees with this opinion.

“A feature of the new PTKM-1R complex is the ability to mount it not in the path of armored columns, but slightly to the side, where it is more difficult to detect them, especially if the enemy does not expect such an attack. and no security measures. With the proper installation of new “jump” mines and their camouflage, it is possible to achieve maximum destruction of enemy heavy equipment. Apparently, the Ukrainian army was not aware of the existence of such Russian mines that could attack at a distance of tens of meters, ”Shurygin told socialbites.ca.

An analogue of the Russian PTKM-1R can be called the American mine M93 Hornet, which has been produced since 1990.

“The American mine can detect targets at a distance of 100 meters. It also uses seismic and acoustic sensors to track and identify targets near installation sites. Ammunition, weighing 450 grams, similarly attacks armored vehicles from head to toe along a steep trajectory. Thus, the Russian jump mine is twice as effective at range and five times more powerful, ”concluded Sergey Belousov.

During the special operation in Ukraine, many samples of Russian weapons and ammunition are being tested in battle. One of these innovations was the roof anti-tank mine PTKM-1R. Its use made it possible to disrupt the counterattack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson direction. Such mines, according to the Russian military department, destroyed two armored groups of the enemy. How the PTKM-1R works – in the material of socialbites.ca.

Source: Gazeta



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