In the Sverdlovsk region, the head of the high school wants to be expelled for the “LGBT dance” of tenth graders

The Minister of Education and Youth Policy of the Sverdlovsk Region, Biktuganov, said that the Head of High School No. 12 Lyubov Kuleva should be fired because the school did not cope well with its “educational function”. He added that the organizers of the competition did not control what meaning they attached to the students’ performances.

“In this situation, it is clear that the organizers of the competition did not pay enough attention to what the children were wearing, what meaning they were trying to attach to their performances. Today, more and more attention is paid to the educational function of the school, and such manifestations of extracurricular activities show how relevant this task is. This has caused misunderstandings on the part of the parent community. In this context, I believe that the head of the educational institution should be dismissed.”

According to the Sverdlovsk Minister of Education, “the resonance caused by the performance of schoolchildren is understandable.”

TASS reported that until now there has been no final decision on the dismissal of the director.

The press service of the Yekaterinburg administration announced that the authorities have already held a “preventive meeting” with the school administration and organized a special class hour for students.

“The school’s teaching staff attended an unscheduled briefing,” the press service told TASS.

By the way, a URALLIVE source from high school workers said that the director Kuleva has already been fired. According to him, Deputy Minister of Education of the Sverdlovsk Region Yury Zelenov came to the high school and had a “challenging” meeting with the school administration.

“An important decision has been made, this kind of thing is unacceptable,” representatives of the regional Ministry of Education said at the meeting, according to the source.

Also, according to the source, the director of studies overseeing the dance competition and the grade 10 class teacher who prepared the students the trick were temporarily suspended during the internal control period.

Kuleva, the principal of the high school, said she had never seen anything wrong with her students’ performance.

“Now I’m getting calls from all sides! <...> [Обвинения в пропаганде гомосексуальных отношений и ЛГБТ] this is complete bullshit! What other same-sex relationships?<...> I’ve worked at school all my life, we don’t usually have that talk at school! ” commented Kuleva.

He stressed that the dance was “a parody” and that “there was no gay propaganda”. The high school principal explained that students are not dancing on the last call, but as part of the annual “Dance Galaxy” event to coincide with International Dance Day.

“What nonsense. It was a dance marathon, the children performed different dances. Everything was normal there, people were already starting to produce nonsense. Normal dance, the guys danced normally,” he concluded.

The management of Yekaterinburg confirmed that the dance is a parody. The administration explained that the students “unfortunately” chose the object for the parody.

“Since the children did not have special choreographic training, a parody dance was performed. The content was poorly chosen by children while watching popular youth clips, resulting in poor performance. This dance did not contain LGBT propaganda. “The boys exaggerated what seemed strange and absurd to them in modern dance,” the city government’s press service said.

The scandal surrounding the dance of high school students began after the remake of the famous Russian TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov. He published a post on the Telegram channel URALLIVE (some media mistakenly attributed the words in the broadcast to Solovyov himself).

“Yekaterinburg High School No. 12 students closed the school year with an immoral LGBT dance in front of all high school students. After that, the “dancers” were rewarded for their bravery. This is not a school in the city of Sodom, this is Yekaterinburg, ”says the URALLIVE publication, written in a completely similar style.

Solovyov himself later spoke about dance in his show “Soloviev Live”.

“This is probably the air of freedom for Yeltsin-Centre? But definitely not the air of freedom in the Urals, ”said Soloviev.

In the dance of schoolchildren, he saw “twerk”, undressing and costumes, as if rented from perverts.

Earlier, Soloviev described the Ural capital as “the center of the vile libero.”

Meanwhile, the parents of the students, who received the news that the principal had been sacked, began to gather in front of the high school to defend him.

They say that Kuleva has been running the school for a long time, devoting all her time to the development of the high school, and is highly appreciated by both students and their families.

“We are faced with injustice. <...> For some reason they got the number one [из конкурса]which some people didn’t like. And now they are trying to inflate the situation from this, as if there was some kind of lack of spirituality in high school, ”said the mother of one of the students.

The father of one of the students noted that the dance was “not very good”, “provocative”, but that we “must fix it” not with the director, but with the stager.

Now the defenders of Kuleva are collecting signatures so that the director is not touched and left to work.

As Mash wrote, Kuleva has been working in her specialty for 50 years, she is a veteran veteran, an excellent training student of the RSFSR. He has many awards, including a badge of honor “for his contribution to the development of Yekaterinburg education” and gratitude from both the mayor of Yekaterinburg and the governor of the Sverdlovsk region.

Other similar scandals

This is not the first time in Russia that there has been a scandal about dances by students of educational institutions, in which critics see LGBT propaganda. The loudest sound was in the winter of 2018, when students of the Bugaev Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation (UIGA) parodied the video for the song “Satisfaction” by Benny Benassi. They filmed their own versions of dancing in shorts, belts and uniforms in their own hostel. The video was later removed from YouTube for “violating nudity and sexuality rules”.

After the video of the cadets went online, it caused heated debate in the public. Authorities were harshly critical of what happened. The governor of the Ulyanovsk region, Sergei Morozov, instructed the creation of a special commission for the “maximum strict” verification with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Transport and the Federal Air Transport Agency. The Volga Transport Prosecutor’s Office announced that flight school students’ participation in the production of “a video with signs of eroticism” will be checked.

“Anyone involved in this immoral act, both among the leaders of the Ulyanovsk Institute and students, will be subject to the strictest disciplinary action, including dismissal and deportation,” the Federal Air Transport Agency said. ” video and “ugly incident”.

“I think these people [участники ролика] they will not find a place for themselves in civil aviation because it is impossible to forgive. How can you laugh at such a saint! I would even compare him with Pussy Riot, who mocked him at the temple – and this temple of science, the institute that gave them a start in life, ”says the rector of the institute, Sergey Krasnov, indignant.

Krasnov explained that he was most impressed by the use of uniform hats by students. According to him, he personally met with the cadets.

“If they danced in the uniform hatless shorts that are the honor and pride of civil aviation, that would be something. i met guys <...> said: My dear men! <...> If you made a lifting clip 20 times with one blow, or even went out without underwear and plunged into the snow, but without showing all your charms, I would consider it the good spirits and kindness of your young body, ”Krasnov explained.

However, the society later sided with the students. Natural disaster started in the country flash mobStudents from other educational institutions repeated the meaningless dance of the students (also half-naked) and posted their videos on the Internet.

As a result, the district governor himself mediated the students, saying that the students should not be deported and that it “broke their lives” and that “it would certainly not add patriotism”. Ulyanovsk students fled with a reprimand, and the prosecutor’s office asked the school rector to bring “offenders from the teaching staff to disciplinary responsibility.”

In Yekaterinburg, a scandal broke out around the dance of tenth graders of the local high school. As part of the annual school competition, they performed with a number that some consider to be gay relations propaganda. TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov drew attention to the dance, after which the district authorities decided to dismiss the school principal. The high school principal said that the dance was a parody that promoted nothing and that there was nothing wrong with it. To protect the director, the enraged parents took to the high school building. Read more in the article “”.

Source: Gazeta


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