Approval of the latest procedure to protect Elche shoes, as the EU has already done for wine, liquor and food

According to the Europa Press agency, the European Union will protect geographically indicated crafts, as it already does for wine and food, including Elche shoes.

This Monday, the Twenty-Seven gave their final approval to the agreement between the institutions. to protect with a framework based on geographical indications them artisanal or industrial products For this uniqueness of origin and productionIt must be protected as a trademark in and within the European Union. trade agreements with third countriesFollowing the model the blog has implemented for decades agricultural food, wine and spirits.

European Parliament

Now that the Council has approved the agreement, which was approved by the European Parliament at its plenary session in September. The new rules will come into force 20 days after they are published in the EU Official Journal.despite Countries will be given a two-year period To transfer the reform to its own legal system.

In presenting its proposal for new rules, the European Commission said that the new framework It will cover nearly 800 productssuch as Murano glass or Limoges porcelain and With more than 200 articles, the country that will benefit the most will be SpainAlbacete’s cutlery store, for example, produced shoes ElcheManises’ ceramics or Ubrique’s leather.

A booty on display at Futurmoda Antonio Amoros

three criteria

A product aiming for European protection must meet three strict criteria: being originally from a particular place or regionyour qualityits reputation or characteristics are specific to its geographical origin and at least one of the steps in the production process is carried out In the defined geographical area.

Currently, a total of 16 member countries, including Spain, have national geographical indication systems for this type of production, but protection not effective outside its borders Because there is no harmonized framework at Community level.

Therefore, a simplified procedure It is based on two stages; The first is at the national level to take advantage of programs already available in many countries and to avoid excessive bureaucratic and financial burdens on the producers involved.

In addition, the control and implementation of new standards, products, including those sold ‘online’Meet marketing specifications.

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