The Aragonese dairy sector is in crisis: “It is more profitable for us to take the animals to the slaughterhouse”

around Today, 40 producers in the autonomous community dedicate their economic activities to milk production. While Teruel prevailed sheep and goat and is associated with most of the production dairy, in Huesca Cow’s milk is the most producedBeing the supermarket shelves is the last stop of these products.

Even taking into account this difference in origin, they are similar. current challenges in the industrycondemning barely able to afford high production costs at prices that were agreed at the beginning of the year and remained unchanged despite the crisis stemming from the war in Ukraine.

“We’ve been together for a few months.incur lossesthis is not the first time we have had other crises but the problem is this time we don’t see the end, explains Vicente San Francisco, president of the Turolense Cheese and Dairy Producers Association and owner of a cattle ranch and cheese factory in Teruel state. Within the associationwith seven farms, most of which have associated cheese factories.

Some flock of sheep in the province of Teruel There are 5,000 sheep and only 1,500 for goats. milk producers. The increase in production costs for these manufacturers, 50% the rise in the price they demand for milk was almost unnoticed 5% raise It’s just over 30 cents.

“A kilo of bait is gone 8 to 12 eurosAlso, electricity, water… everything is much more expensive,” says San Francisco, adding that not all of the extra costs can be passed onto the final product. “Milk or cheese prices at supermarkets If production costs increase as much as my production costs, no one can afford it. and it will remain just as bad for us,” he explains.

In the case of beef, the problems are practically the same. In this case, the price demanded by the farmers for each liter of milk is approximately 45 cents, enough to cover expenses. “In order for us to cover the expenses and earn a minimum amount, the price Should be around 48 centsright now we are not losing but gaining nothing and no one is working just to cover the costs”, explains José Antonio Rami, president of the Alto Aragón Dairy Cooperative. to 80% of community producers and this is the owner of the Copirineo brand.

“Egypt is gone 200 euros per ton at 400If it continues to rise in this way, there will be no one who can undertake it because it is completely impossible,” said Rami, adding that the forecasts are not good and no decrease in production costs is expected.

People from Huesca and Teruel both agree Slaughtering animals becomes a solution for many to face rising costsyes, Rami explains, “We take the oldest cows and send them to the slaughterhouse because they produce the least and meat is more expensive, it’s a way of survival for us who have more animals.”

They also assume that there is intergenerational change. This is a problem that is affecting them more and more urgently.. “Those who planned to work a few years before their retirement have already closed, so they will continue to make a loss,” explains Rami. “Young people and they can still do something else they leave the farms and nothing happens, which is normal because it is not profitable for anyone”, adds the president of the Huesca cooperative.

More than one million Euros to reduce losses

Yesterday, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food announced that 159.3 million euros were paid to 18,797 cattle, goat and sheep milk producers who benefited from the aid to the dairy sector, which is included in the national response plan to the war in Ukraine.

There are 67 farmers in Aragon who will receive these aids, which are distributed as 1,063,869 euros for cattle, 45,128 euros for small cattle and 37,290 euros for goats, with a total of 1,146,288 euros for the sector.

Source: Informacion


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