this in the plants They help us decorate and scent our home. Also, some of them are an excellent element. air cleaner We breathe at home. This situation peace flower or peace lily, one of the best air purifiers naturall We can place it at home. this peace lily a herb the tropical wind sail or the cradle of Moses. there is some beautiful white flowers Long lasting candle.


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Peace lily to purify the air in your home

this peace lily It is a very popular indoor plant, both for its beautiful flowers and its contribution to the environment. purification of the environment. This plant helps removing substances from the environment like benzene or formaldehyde, so if you have it in the house you will breathe. healthier air

The care your peace lily needs

so you peace lily In order to grow strong and healthy at home, you should consider some issues. Suggestions and advice when placing and watering. We will detail the care required for this plant to thrive in your home perfectly.

Place the pot with the peace lily in a warm corner of your home and where do not get direct sunlight. As we mentioned before, this plant does not need the sun to grow.

Peace lily has beautiful white flowers. pixabay

this peace lily it likes rain water, so whenever you can collect rain water and use it for irrigation. If this is not possible, you can also use purified water. The important thing is that the substrate feels moist, so you should water it almost every day.

All the benefits that rainwater has for your plants

All the benefits that rainwater has for your plants

If you want the peace lily to get stronger, you can still add some to the water you water it with. soluble fertilizer. If you do it once a month it will be enough.

The peace flower will help you clean the air in your home. pixabay

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Peace Lily Toxicity

Despite its beautiful name, this plant is not very friendly to our pets. toxic to dogs and cats. If you have pets or small children at home, place the plant in a hard-to-reach place to avoid problems.