Zaragoza’s fugitive killer: “He rang me the bell and stabbed me when I opened the door”

Adil Lazizi, 45, from Morocco stoped He did not shut up in front of the police for the murder of Cristina last Monday in the Zaragoza district of San José, quite the opposite. She assured him that he and she weren’t the victim. they had no relationship He said that he has a girlfriend and is making progress for her, but not paying attention to her.

as far as he can tell ARAGON NEWSPAPERThe arrested man admitted to investigators that he was in jail for another murder and had been “hiding for two years” so as not to be jailed again, Prensa Ibérica, a newspaper belonging to the same group, reported. “One day I had to sign and I decided not to sign,” he said. Supreme Headquarters Murder Group police from Aragon who applied to the Miguel Servet university hospital in Zaragoza to take his statement and defense attorneys Carmen Sánchez Herrero and Luis Ángel Marcén.

Regarding the murder, he explained that he rang the bell, as he had done many times. she was obsessed with me». “He always went to ask for things,” he added, emphasizing that he was home alone at around 9:55 PM at the time and knew his girlfriend was working. «It took me a while to get to the door, I looked through the peephole and I saw him go home, so I opened the door to find out what he wanted and he plunged the knife into my stomach.

At that moment, according to this 45-year-old man, they both fell to the ground, at which point he tried to take the knife from him until he was successful. There, before he could remember how many knives he had stabbed him with, he struck him in the neck several times and the last time. He left her on the landing and went outside to ask for help.depending on your version. It will be handed over to the on-duty judge between today and tomorrow.

Cristina did not know that this 45-year-old Moroccan man named Adil Lazizi was in Istanbul. Search and seizure from 6 January 2020 In 2001, he was sentenced to 21 years in Madrid for committing another crime and for not re-entering one of the permits he received for serving in the Zuera prison. On this occasion, he also killed Siham, a 24-year-old French woman who was traveling with a friend. Because she refused to have sex.

The motive for Cristina’s murder, which took place this Monday on Calle Alegría, number 8 in Zaragoza’s San José district, is still being investigated by the Aragon Police Center Murder Group, which is still open to all hypotheses. He republished the crime committed 21 years ago. Also if it could be a case of sexist violence.

The victim, who was with a friend in Madrid, met her killer, accompanied by a friend. The four of them decided to go to the house of one of them, a rented flat on the fourth floor of 35 Hierbabuena Street in the Tetuán district. There the two couples separated, but the victim’s friend was alarmed at around 8:00 am when he heard Siham’s cries of pain. When he entered the room, he saw his body lying in blood on the bed. There were eight stab wounds. There was no sign of Adil Lazizi, but hours later he surrendered to a nearby police station on Francos Rodriguez street. She was in her underwear and refused to testify in front of the agents.

Later, the National Police determined that the murder of the young French woman had taken place. for refusal to have sexual intercourse. At the entrance to the apartment, above a kiosk, investigators found the murder weapon: A kitchen knife with a 20-centimeter bent blade and with a splintered wooden handle that gives insight into the violent assault and also has similarities to the crime committed on Calle Alegría in Zaragoza on Monday night.

victim’s cries Around 9:55 pm they alerted a neighborhood looking for room 091 of the National PoliceI. When many patrols from the Aragon Police Department Citizen Security Brigade arrived on the scene, the victim died on the floor of the landing and Adil Lazizi was injured despite being stabbed. They asked him to throw him to the ground before arresting him, and he agreed, but not before shouting into the sky: “Man is always guilty.”

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