CC OO explains how to improve shoes in Valencian Parliament

For Carmen Palomar, secretary of the union of the Labor Commissions in Baix Vinalopó and Vega Baja, education, honoring contracts and complying with environmental requirements are the “ABC” of the shoe. Valencia CourtsA socio-labor radiograph of an industry that produces more than 33,000 jobs and more than 3,000 companies.

Concerning the contract, the generalized use of the fixed-discontinuous contract is emphasized, with a “semi-natural” adaptation of business conditions to the seasonality that characterizes the production activity of the sector. Due to production conditions, the temporary contract is “significantly undesirable part-time, plunge into the shadow economy because working hours are getting longer and in most cases there is no citation,” he said.

In this context, Palomar assessed the progressive impact of recent labor reform “with a correction for the historically characterizing probability, as can be seen by the growth of fixed-discontinuous contracting from the March and April data.”

By vocational trainingIn addition to seeing it as a strategic commitment to update training and adapt dual FP to the real needs of companies, CCOO is considering improving the conditions that make employment attractive for young people in an industry that is currently aging.

“In 2018, 59% of the personnel employed in the footwear industry represent less than 7% of the population over 44 years old and under 30 years old. Just 142 young people (of 86,142 people in the entire Valencian Community) they were reading shoes and Valencia’s Employment and Training Service LABORA had only 185 young people under the age of 30 listed as job seekers in the sector”.

Regarding sectoral policies, union leader He discussed his assessment of the Valencian Industry’s Strategic Plan and underlined the need to design governance systems much closer to the reality of the region in his 2023 reform proposal.

“Related innovation projects, highlights the momentum of recent years, currently there are 19 projects for which the Valencia Innovation Agency has awarded € 2,617,876. Projects promoting the figure of health, new sustainable materials and recycling, robotics or innovation agents. However, the development of projects and governance bodies shows greater impetus for the project. participation of the entire ecosystem Innovation is effective for challenges that need to be overcome,” he warned.

Currently, participation in both the Industry Observatory’s sectoral charts and AVI’s strategic committees can be greatly improved from a labor and union perspective. Therefore, one of the conclusions of the opinion issued by the commission will recommend the conditioning of base orders and call for indicator projects that improve the situation. decent working standards and reducing inequality.

Regarding environmental sustainability aspects, Palomar noted, “not because the industry is unfamiliar and unresponsive to the challenges of complying with regulations, but because the paradigm shift requires more agents and speed.” to decide”.

Finally, Vinalopó-Vega Baja, secretary general of the UI CCOO, defended the CCOO’s commitment to an environmentally sustainable footwear industry, demanding that corrective measures be specified, mobility plans as a necessary working condition, and speed-up of decisions for regulatory compliance. decarbonisation targets.

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