Paredes shoes gain momentum and close 2021 with 25% increase in sales

Contrary to what happens to most companies in the shoe industry, walls manages to emerge from the pandemic with renewed vigor and considerable strength. increase in your sales. As reported by the firm itself, the company from Elche closed last year with turnover 12.6 million €, what did it mean 25% increase to the previous year’s figures and more than 30% of its pre-covid revenue.

In reality, it’s a “miracle” that the company started to take shape before the outbreak of the coronavirus in 2019. reposition your brandand they have confirmed, this will continue into 2022, which they hope to deliver. another jump of about 30% Its sales exceeded 15 million.

So, the director of the company, Rafael Paredes, recalls the work done to restructure the image of the company and establish itself in highly specialized segments. hiking and hiking. At the same time, the firm reclaimed the spirit that made it successful in the 1980s by launching “remember” models of its classics, reinforcing its leadership in safety and work shoes in Spain.

“With this strategy, we have succeeded in restructuring our brand image and the values ​​that have defined us throughout our history as a company,” the manager emphasizes.

On the other hand, the company reinforced its commitments. social networks and the online worldwith the opening of new marketing channels through Amazon, Decathlon and Sprinter.

the impact of covid

But they remember from the firm that the arrival of covid meant a momentary interruption in their operations and yes, they used the opportunity to innovate and diversify. Thus, the company became one of those who chose to go into production. protection equipment and especially for mask production. A project they developed from their own laboratory in their facility in Elche.

Betting on national mask production at a time of high demand, in addition to the new gained importance of workplace protection and general interest in trekking and hiking, allowed Paredes to close fiscal 2020 with a 3.5% increase despite sales. effect of incarceration.

After the worst of the pandemic is over, the firm’s sales have risen strongly over the past year and have also managed to hold on to some industries. international marketswith all ranges.

The company is working on various innovation projects that they believe will continue to grow both in the national market and abroad, especially in Europe and America. In this way, it aims to turn the fiscal year 2022 to 16 million euros with a 30% increase in sales.

Source: Informacion


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