He was arrested for selling jewels that a friend had left him for safekeeping in Alicante

National Police A 32-year-old Cuban citizen was arrested in Alicante for seizing some jewels that an acquaintance left for him to keep at his home. When the owner wanted to take them back, he realized that he had sold them.

agents Judicial Police Operational Group of the Alicante Central Regional Police Station Investigations began after a complaint was made to an acquaintance of the victim that he had left some jewelery for safekeeping at his home, and when the victim went to collect it and asked him to hand it over, the person who is now arrested refused. He sold it claiming he stole it.

Likewise, the complainant assured the police that: threatened him and that he would pay third parties to harm him if he reported him.

molten gold

Investigators found that the jewels were sold at a gold trading house in Alicante, and police were unable to recover them because they had been melted down.

In terms of jewellery, there were several gold chains and bracelets, as well as a watch. imitation rolexAll worth 3,575 euros.

Once the alleged perpetrator was identified, he was arrested and taken to police stations; where agents seized the complainant’s fake Rolex watch, which he was wearing on his wrist.

The suspect, who was taken into custody, was released after being referred to the courthouse following his statement at the police station.

Source: Informacion


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