A retired soldier accused of arms smuggling defended himself: “I didn’t commit a crime, I just have passion”

Charged with war weapons smuggling and illegal manufacture, the military denied he had done anything. illegal sale, He explained that he has guns at home but all licenses as his passion and business is guns, and he actually suffered. adjustment disorder to retirement.

The Seventh Circuit of the Madrid County Court held the hearing of Juan MSQ this Wednesday. a retired infantry brigade The prosecutor’s office demands eight years in prison. smuggling of weapons of war, illegal production war weapons and weapons and ammunition depotGiven the evidence that he has bought and sold this gun in large numbers in the US and other countries to rehabilitate and illegally sell this gun.

In the registry of his address dated December 12, 2012 15,743 cartridges, two grenades, and ample supplies for the rehabilitation of rifles or pistols were found, In addition to 4,000 euros and 2,800 dollars.

This soldier was already tried for these events in 2019, but the Supreme Court decided that the Chamber that tried him violated his right to have the last word and ordered a retrial, As explained to Efe in his defense by law firm PFSG Justicia.

While testifying at the hearing this Wednesday, the defendant said: part of the arsenal in his house did not belong to him, He said he didn’t buy guns online and an American friend, who was a sailor, had never sent him parts. Nor did he sell them outside of what was legally established.

admitted that he was “passion and hobby” are weapons, up to fifty, but the reason it is “always under administrative control”.

“I’ve been in the military for 35 years, that’s my passion, my life… and I’m a gun collector, and they’re my passion” Juan MSQ, who highlighted that he suffered from a mixed adjustment disorder after retiring from the Armed Forces (in 2016). now recognized 33 percent are disabled and still receiving psychiatric treatment.

Confirmed related one American and one Belgian citizen, After he went to those countries for military training in order to be “most prepared” for his missions abroad, in countries such as Afghanistan and Lebanon.

shopping in the USA

“I had no intention of using my home for criminal purposes or harming individuals or buildings,” he assured.

A weapons expert investigating the defendant, in collaboration with United States authorities, described how they suspected an American citizen had sent it several times. gun parts to the suspect, who was later found at his home.

They also confirmed their purchase. A Belgian arsenal with “a hotbed of illegality”.

This expert explained that these parts of weapons, such as cannons, were legally considered weapons, and that the defendant’s home contained a large number of weapons and ammunition, along with a room set up as a secret workshop for collection, as well as a room containing five guns. tons of hydraulic presses.

They also found a business card with his name on it. defendant, phone number and e-mail address, presenting himself as an arms and parts trader and an expert in a homemade accounting of what is bought and sold.

Two members of Tédax disclosed that two grenades were found in the defendant’s home, one for instruction only and the other for real.

At the end of the hearing, while the prosecution continued its accusation by associating the accused with a criminal organization, defense sought acquittal because they were all disabled weapons or weapon parts They should not be seen as weapons of war.

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