idea of ​​possession ‘Social Security’ For animals, this was already a long time ago, considering that veterinary costs are very high and there are owners who cannot afford this care. Additionally, a maintenance dog or cat It involves a lot of anxiety that we don’t want to experience because the lack of help prevents people from taking this important step. However, the government has launched an initiative. commitment program with your pet’s health.

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Data shows that currently Half of Spanish households have a pet Among them, dogs and cats stand out. This number has increased considerably in recent years and they are already living with us. 10 million dogs and 5 million cats. Maintenance of a dog is quite expensive as it is estimated to be a monthly expense. Between 100 and 500 euros. The reason for this wide range is that they eat, go to the hairdresser, and get sick just like humans.

Following the approval of the new animal welfare law, pet owners have gained many benefits that they did not have before and that will make their daily lives easier. Also a few years ago a program veterinary assistants Something that very few people know about and that you can take advantage of if you meet certain requirements.

What is #BestFriends?

In 2016, #bestfriends show It is supported by the Foundation for Advice and Action in Defense of Animals (FAADA) to “make it visible and visible”. keep the connection Established between humans and animals sensitive situation “In Spain” according to information on FAADA’s own website. It has undergone changes over the years of life and new aspects have been added to cover more situations. Now responsible for:

  • Offer free veterinary help to animals of people who can prove a defenseless situation.

  • advice and Accompanying Social Services Municipal authorities in the management of cases of people living with animals.

  • Provide tools and training for professionalsPeople who accompany people with pets in vulnerable situations.

  • Technical/legal support and protocols in accessing housing resources.

Program objectives Covers all veterinary activities what every animal needs ensure your physical and emotional health. Its main actions include vaccinating, identifying, neutering, deworming, justified euthanasia, and cremation of pets.

Who can access the program?

The Ministry of Social Affairs puts it very clearly: “The program offers support to the person or family who is not forced to choose between their animal and a pet. improvement in your lifeWhile accompanying social work professionals from local and other administrations, provide them with information technical – legal and means to achieve a goal proper management cases of users accompanied by animals”.

Includes all people’s pets sensitive situation. Recipients include:

  • People with animals are homeless.

  • People with animals in homelessness.

  • Victims of gender violence caused by animals (those not yet covered by the Viopet programme).

  • People with animals living in substandard housing.

  • Older people who live with a pet and receive a minimum pension.

  • People who own animals and live in an economically fragile situation despite owning a home.

To make a request, you must go to the social rights office in your district, otherwise a responsible person may announce your situation through a form on the Ministry’s website.