Switzerland commented on the situation of Ukrainian refugees 13:45

Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Migration has denied reports that it plans to urgently “get rid” of Ukrainian refugees in the country. This was stated in the department’s profile on the social network page X.

“Statements made in the media that the Federation wants to ‘quickly get rid of the Ukrainians’ are false and misleading,” the secretariat said in a social media post.

The ministry noted that authorities want to maintain protected status for people coming from Ukraine “as long as they are in need of protection.”

It was announced that the date for the status cancellation has not been determined yet.

According to the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration, as of August 18, 65,148 Ukrainians had refugee status in the country. Special S status grants the right to work, including self-employment, insurance, and a host of other benefits.

Before that, Russian political scientist Denis Denisov highlightedIt was stated that Poland’s refusal to provide social aid to Ukraine could lead to rebellion in Kiev.

Previously happened It is known why Ukrainian refugees in Britain had to return home.

Source: Gazeta


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