FSB released footage of the interrogation of a Ukrainian saboteur captured in Crimea 13:29

A Ukrainian saboteur captured in Crimea said that the saboteur group that attacked Crimea consisted of 16 people. The video of the interrogation was released by the FSB.

According to the prisoner, his name is Lyubas Alexander Vladimirovich. The tasks of the saboteurs included the shooting of materials about the “entry” of the peninsula against the backdrop of the Ukrainian flag.

Before that the Ministry of Defense reportedIt was reported that the Armed Forces stopped the attempt to land Ukrainian troops in Crimea. The ministry said planes from the Russian Aerospace Forces were scrambled to repel the attack. It was recorded that the saboteurs were heading towards Tarkhankut Cape with a speedboat and three jet skis. The saboteurs were found armed with M4 rifles and fragmentation grenades.

Additionally, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, on the night of October 4, Russian air defense systems destroyed 31 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles over the Belgorod, Bryansk and Kursk regions.

It was previously reported that a thousand special forces in England, who were preparing for sabotage in Crimea, returned to Ukraine.

Source: Gazeta


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