19 victims of human trafficking released in one of the largest operations in Murcia

National Police agents performed one of the following: increased police operations against human trafficking. Region of Murcia. ended with the operation Release of 19 womenvictims about Y sexual exploitationand 22 people arrested as alleged perpetrators of human trafficking, prostitution, drug dealing, crimes against workers’ rights, money laundering and membership of a criminal organization.

An anonymous complaint

received UCRIF anonymous complaint from a victim of abuse by the organization that engaged in prostitution in an apartment from which she wanted to escape. They would take on a debt that never ceased to grow, which the girl had to pay for her journey through prostitution.

In the first steps of the investigation, National Police agents, a woman ran the apartment brothel and he may now be running two more apartments, one in Alcantarilla and the other in Murcia, where many foreign women prostitute themselves.

More victims found

Found throughout the investigation four other women who escaped from the brothel A criminal complaint was filed by the same woman, with the help of other people who knew her intentions, by establishing a real human trafficking network, confirming that they were brought from their country under deceptive conditions and giving a statement.

Later, these women had to work in a brothel. pay off travel debts. The owner created an intimidating environment for women, ensuring that their passports were paid until they were withheld.

Well-structured organization

Researchers have revealed the dynamics and functioning of this criminal organization, whose main activity is a criminal organization. trafficking in women from various countries Latin American countries (Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and Panama). To do this, they use collaborators, both here and in their countries of origin, who participate in the recruitment and preparation of the girls’ excursion, financed by the head of the Organization and the owner of the brothels. Once here, the girls are met at the airport by those who will do the “taxi” job, transferred directly to the brothels in Alcantarilla or Murcia, where they are housed and left in charge of a number of other women in charge. keeping them under control at all times (colloquially known as “mothers” in prostitution jargon).

on-demand drug dealing

One of the brothels habitual and persistent sale of drugsmore cocaineAs they are in charge of sales among the people, he is the main researched person who will be responsible for preparing and receiving the doses or delivering them to the “mamis” at their request when they need supplies. brothel customers; other people also went there simply to obtain these substances, so the brothel in question also served as a customary selling point for drug trafficking.

During the investigation, the National Police in charge of the investigation located 19 women who were sexually abused in the brothels surveyed and were offered the opportunity to interview and get help from the NGO APRAMP (Prevention, Resettlement and Relocation Association). Care of Prostitutes).

They have Interfered with 4,500 euros and various drugs (30 grams of cocaine, pink cocaine known as “TUSI”, and marijuana, along with various vehicles for preparation for sale in doses, and various sexual activity-enhancing drugs, plus five vehicles, both used for the transport of the drug) girls (from the airport or on “trips”) A total of 22 people were arrested and seven of them were ordered conditionally imprisoned after being brought to justice.

Source: Informacion


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