Arrested in Fuengirola posing as a cop to make an appointment

became a man detained Allegedly Fuengirola act like a cop for usurp a woman who you communicate with adult dating platform. According to a statement from the Provincial Police Station, the 49-year-old fake agent, relationship building goal He tried to convince her that she was with him. condemned by fraud and avoiding a search and arrest warrantone month prison and one 6,000 € fine if he admits to his sexual allegations.

The investigation, led by the Fuengirola Local Police Station’s Cyber ​​Crime Group, began at the end of April. A 30-year-old girl condemns an extortion case by Unknown claiming to be a police officer and having a relationship with him dating site. During their speeches instant messagingthe person under investigation gave the victim some photos of a fake emblem plate He had intended to give obvious credibility to his statements, as he introduced himself as a police officer and told him, without going into specific data, that there were two complaints for fraud. In this context, and after exchanging several messages, the man provoked the man. damaged a state troublemade him believe the consequences could be dire for him.

According to the National Police, the extortionist offered the victim an affair in exchange for “saving” a search and arrest warrant, a one-month prison sentence and a fine of 6,000 euros. Finally, the investigators identified the putative author of the facts, 49 year old man those arrested for alleged involvement in the incident extortion and usurpation of public functions. The suspect, who was taken into custody and his statements were listened to, was released on charges. The facts are known by the Investigation Court No. 2 of Fuengirola.

Source: Informacion


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