Two strangers spoke to him in his garden, and no one saw him again: seven years looking for Francisco.

They wore blue. This was the only data that Francisco Bonilla’s neighbor could provide: “There were two people with him, talking, wearing blue clothes.“. data is important because it has broken its routine: “He spent the afternoons alone and in the shade, sitting under the palm tree,” says his brother Joaquín. Also because it’s his last scene. After this meeting, 68-year-old retired Francisco Bonilla disappeared in Cabra (Córdoba). afternoon of 13 April 2015. That day he was dining with another brother, Vicente, with whom he lived; Francisco was not at home when he returned from work.

“What happened? What did they do to him? Where is he? We’ve been asking questions every day for seven years,” complains Joaquín. They call Francisco ‘Kiki’, he had retired for a year and was happy. “My brother didn’t go of his own accord, that’s all I know. And We ruled out that he was disoriented or that something had happened to him.. He didn’t have the disease.” Under the tree, they found his empty chair, his hat, and his glasses. He’s been gone since.

Another image of Francisco disappeared seven years ago.

When his other brother, Vicente, came home and Francisco wasn’t there, his first thought was, “Something happened here.” “They ate together like every day, ‘Kiki’ stayed at the farm and Vicente left,” says Joaquín. “It was half past ten when Vicente got home because she left work at ten…” her brother remembers. “He called my brothers: ‘no, I don’t know anything about ‘Kiki’…” she explains. “The first thing they did was to search for clinics and hospitals… There was no one with these characteristics. They went to the olive grove to see if anything would happen to him, but nothing happened. They searched the environment. … and until today” .

fire in the fig tree

Francis’ brothers They filed a disappearance report. National Police. The search has begun. Agents surrounded the area: “everything was sealed,” he recalls. “National Police, do not pass”.

The inquiries began. They tried to reconstruct the steps that Francis was able to take that afternoon. “When my brother left, we had nothing from 2:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.,” Joaquín complains. A neighbor confirmed seeing him with her that afternoon: “Two people he doesn’t know, his glasses, his hat on the site… It wasn’t normal.”

That same afternoon, another alarm went off in Cabra, “there was a fire in the same area, strange thing. A fig tree was burned…He remembers Joaquin. Even today they wonder if he has a connection. “The police looked, but we have bad luck because it rained the next day. They told us that many things were lost in the rain.”

for weeks wells, roads beaten; Tracked near the farm, orchard, in the Cerrillo la Horca area in Cabra. There were no traces.

Dozens of volunteers participated, including mountain bike clubs and riders. access more difficult areas. Dog guides, National Police helicopter, Local Police, Civil Guard, Civil Protection, Firefighters and volunteers from the Provincial Consortium participated. “There was no trace, nothing showed up.”

“They fought around 8 kilometers,” says Joaquín. “There was a lot of walking… What was less looked after was the river. They searched with georadar, but they did not allow to clear or cut the weeds.. Maybe he took away the tenderness, but he fought”, saddens Joaquín.

Volunteers and Civil Protection agents are looking for Francisco. Image of one of the raiders looking for Francisco.

No data. without news. “Seven years later, nothing and everything is clear from the police,” says her brother. “Some people researchedbut it’s too far They couldn’t identify the two people dressed in blue.‘, perhaps hints, ‘he was with my brother that afternoon.’ They’ve been working on it ever since.

“Maybe someone had an argument with my brother, it got out of control and they left him lying somewhere,” Joaquín complains.

Agents and family try to reconstruct previous hours. “I believe someone did something to him, and I’m telling the police too.” The agents aren’t ruling it out, and it’s one of the established, non-progressing lines of research. “They’re telling us to see if they’ve found the end of the thread… but it’s not coming. It’s hard to wait.”

“Maybe someone had an argument with my brother, got carried away, and they left him lying somewhere,” Joaquín complains. “The other was going to get scared and went and led him astray.”

it wasn’t a robbery

No traces, no clues, no movement or anything leading to Francisco. It was proven that there was no economic reason behind his disappearance, and that Francisco did not suffer a robbery. Your checking accounts are still intact as you left them. Nothing was missing on the farm.

His relatives pray that no one forgets that Francisco is still missing.

“Remember,” Joaquín asks. The minds of his other siblings, his nephews, have not stopped ever since: Who was talking to him dressed in blue? The orchard where he was last seen is in a very walkable area, “perhaps someone remembered something else that might have been the key.”

Francisco, ‘Kiki’, is the lover of his home, family, garden, farm, cats and bulls. He enjoyed his quiet life; He was resting, retiring after working for many years at a local pomace factory. He was 68, would have been 73 now, but Francisco is not here.

Your neighbors, your family, your people are waiting for you. “There isn’t a day that you don’t think about where you will be and where you won’t be…” Joaquín complains, “empty questions, unanswered questions”.

They seek, they do not rest. “It’s been seven years and it hurts like the first day“. They remember him in his garden every day: “With the triggers he had there, he cleared olive trees, cut branches, and planted four little things: potatoes, tomatoes, to share with the family later…” He sits in the shade of the khaki, where he was last seen. where he likes to be.

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