General reaction to low state investment in Catalonia

It is systematic, repetitive and lacks transparency. difference between planned government investment Catalonia and the large and state average actually carried out, and in particular Community of Madrid. “It can be measured from the right side, the wrong side, but it happens every year,” he explains. Joseph Ramon Rovira’s photo.Head of the Studies Service Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. In the period 2015-2021, the regionalizable average was 74.2%, while the average degree of implementation of state investments in Catalonia was 60.3% and the corresponding rate for the Community of Madrid was 128.7%.

The straw that breaks the camel’s back is the 2021 data, with an execution of 35.8% compared to the regionalizable average of 71% in Catalonia and more than 180% in Madrid. Studies on rail transport draw attention with their low level of operation, with 23.9% of Adif and 4.6% of Adif-Alta Velocidad. In any case, it’s not a single exercise that stands out, it’s the uncorrected “trend,” explains Rovira. “You don’t need to look for black hands, but you should ask the Government why this is happening,” he adds.

President Joaquim Llanso Chamber of Civil Contractors of Catalonia, Integrated into Foment, he attributes this gap to “lack of political will”. And the problem is that the difference between budgeted and executed has become “structural”. One of the biggest problems is that projects aren’t fragmented, he explains, which makes it difficult to know which ones will get done and which won’t. Chamber Infrastructure Director, Alicia Casart.

In any case, if institutions and organizations with different ideologies and inclinations overlap in any complaint, it is this: the low real implementation of investments in Catalonia compared to the average and the resulting investment gap drifting. They come from there. generalitat and Barcelona Chamber of Commerce until workforce development, Pimek or unions.

Minister of Transport, Rachel Sanchez, In a visit to the SIL logistics expo, he denies “a story about cold figures only.” And he added, “Since 2008, this Government has invested more in Catalonia than any other. We need to do a project-by-project analysis and see the status of each when the current Government comes in.” The ministry rushed to confirm on Monday that the Bilateral Infrastructure Commission will meet “soon” to analyze investment projects and the degree of implementation with Generalitat.

For his part, the ‘dealer’ of the Economy, James Giroalready put the cry into the sky. According to him, this figure is “sad, disappointing and surprising”. From his point of view, this evolution is “terribly unfair” and the data are so “bloody, persistent, and humiliating”. “Catalonia is a new European state.“.

The truth is, there are those who seek political explanations. “There has to be negotiation, and at least since 2017, the year of the referendum, I doubt it has,” he said. seagull butcher, He was Antoni Castells’ number two in socialist Antoni Castells’ Ministry of Economy. In any event, note that this gap is somewhat corrected by the third additional provision of the Statute, which provides mechanisms to ensure that state public investments in Catalonia are aligned with the weight (GDP) in the economy as a whole. But this was stopped by complying with the Government. Mariano Rajoy and despite promises, Managers Pedro Sanchez, He worked with extended State budgets in 2019 and 2020. According to the Ministry of Economy, there are pending delays due to the investment gap of about 3,000 million from 2009 to 2013.

A study conducted by Generalitat and AQR-Lab on the cumulative impact of the Government’s investment gap in Catalonia between 2012 and 2017 yielded 9.8 percentage points of GDP, 2018 worth approximately €23,820 million. to strive, For its part, it has requested an extraordinary financial support of 10,000 million between 2019 and 2023 to finish the strategic infrastructures already tendered in Catalonia before the pandemic, and in recent years it has estimated the investment gap of 28,000 million, which has already risen to 34,000 million. a few months ago.

Source: Informacion


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