Region selects four initiatives for the digitization of the healthcare sector

The eHealth Zone program has entered its final phase with the selection of four initiatives to digitize the health system. The Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health participated in the selection of these four initiatives for this program, the first open innovation in digital health in Spain, promoted by the Digital Zone of the Community of Valencia and developed by Innsomnia.

These are projects developed by companies. Movsa, Tucuvi, Legit.Health and Mediktorwill now enter the co-development phase of a proof of concept in the healthcare industry.

Last April, twelve projects selected from these four companies by the General Directorate of Health Services and the Ministry of Health’s General Directorate of Planning, Technological Efficiency and Patient Care were shortlisted.

In this way, they become the companies chosen by e-Health to develop the final phase of the program: to do concept tests of their products, to focus. Artificial Intelligence, machine vision and voice recognitionand with applications in areas such as prediagnosis, dermatology or the internal organization of health departments.

Specifically, Mediktor developed medical assistant Based on Artificial Intelligence to improve triage and pre-diagnosis processes. It is a technology that administers a triage questionnaire so that patients can be referred to the appropriate level of care before they access the healthcare system. It is the only clinically approved application of its kind with an accuracy greater than 91%.

Movsa for himself A communication, monitoring and collaboration platform for healthcare professionals, to lighten your workload. To do this, it includes an all-in-one telehealth platform to integrate all the needs for patient coordination and remote monitoring. In this case, Movsa will co-develop this technological solution to digitize Conselleria, together with Innsomnia’s network of Novartis Biome innovation centers for the digitization of healthcare, part of the eHealth Future ecosystem.

Another of the initiatives, Tucuvi, developed virtual nurse with voice It is based on artificial intelligence that can track the health status of patients by speaking through phone calls. It is a technological solution that works without installing devices, without the need for Wi-Fi or certain applications to increase accessibility in all homes.

Finally, Legal-Health A tool that can evaluate up to 232 skin pathologies To assist dermatologists in diagnosis and follow-up processes. Legal Health technology offers up to 93% clinically verified accuracy and uses artificial intelligence and machine vision tools.

The selection of these four initiatives is the final phase of the process that began with the open call launched in December 2021 and was approved. Applications from 118 startups from 15 different countries.

As a result, technological solutions were presented in line with the five strategic lines determined by the Ministry of Health: improving primary health care, protecting health, vulnerable groups, digital transformation and improving patient experience.

Now, the technological solutions developed by the four selected companies will be tested to examine their ability to improve patients’ quality of life or quality of healthcare.

These companies will also receive support from Innsomnia in the proof-of-concept process, all with the goal of scaling the solution and strengthening the initiative’s capabilities. On the other hand, Innsomnia will train these companies in different areas and connect them internationally with its global network, The Talent Route Health.

Distrito e-Health is the pioneering program introduced by Distrito Digital and developed by technology center Innsomnia. This initiative aims to lay the foundations for the creation of the largest public-private digital health ecosystem in Spain by connecting start-ups, tech SMEs, private companies and public institutions.

It is a scalable initiative to other communities and is fully aligned with PERTE’s strategic goals and crossovers for cutting-edge health. In this sense, its aim is to create a broad testing environment for the health sector that will accelerate innovation and access of digital solutions to the national health system.

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