A Calp company will make street furniture using recycled credit cards

plastic credit cards it can also be recycled after its end-of-life and, for example, street furniture. This is what the Alicante company will do gravitational wave and German multinational Giesecke+Devrient (G+D), after the contract signed with the bank Santander.

In this way, the organization headed by Ana Botín told G+D expired or damaged cards processing the waste appropriately and turning it into raw material that the Calp-based company will use in the production of furniture. Gravity Wave collaborates with various companies and organizations to recover plastic on the seafloor as well as reuse damaged fishing nets.

For this project, G+D and Alicante company designed a project in which they will produce benches and paper boxes by combining both materials, namely credit cards and nets. For example, with the intake 400,000 recycled cardscan be produced to the equivalent of two tons of recycled PVC. 130 public banks. The design and color of the furniture is adapted to the desired aesthetic, making it attractive for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Banco Santander will donate the furniture it produces to different public institutions such as Valencia City Council.

through the tellers

Santander Spain’s initiative communication and awareness campaign appealing to its customers, can deliver cards expired or damaged ATMshas been adapted to allow this new collection service. Additionally, the user will be provided with instructions on how to return the expired card in the documentation that comes with the new card.

“Consumers are seeking new, greener lifestyles and sustainability is high on every bank’s agenda,” says David Gonzalez, sales director of Cards and Digital Payments for Southern and Western Europe, Africa and G+D Middle East. “We are determined prevent cards from polluting nature and the seas and oceans and recycling and recovering their materials is the best way to avoid this”, insists the manager.

G+D specializes in the development of technology for payment systems, connectivity, identities and digital infrastructures and last year invoiced 2,380 million Euros worldwide.

Gravitational Wave, for its part, is a dedicated Spanish initiative. cleaning up plastic in the mediterranean and converting them into valuable products. It has a network of more than 4,000 fishermen who go out every day in the Mediterranean to collect plastic from the bottom of the sea. Gravity Wave then recycles marine plastics in the Valencian Community and collaborates with companies to fund this collection and sell it in product form. They collected more than 80,000 kilos of fishing net and plastic from the sea last year, the equivalent of almost ten million half-liter plastic bottles.

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