Technology company GTT from Alicante broke the billing record and went shopping

this Technology from Alicante GTT your beat invoice registration and celebrate with a new purchase – electronic management section Meana Group– committed to continuing to expand its activity and entering a new business area.

Thus, after the shrinkage it experienced in 2020 due to the effects of the pandemic, the company specializing in software development and service provision for tax management closed the last year with approximately 1. 40.5 million revenue representing the euro 29% increase and a new maximum for the company, which had its best year so far in 2019 with turnover of 34.4 million euros.

From the company itself, they attribute this good development to an increase in their client portfolio after closing within a year. 60 contracts, between the new awards they’ve received during the year and the renewal of others they’ve had before.

Among the main milestones of the year – the first complete one since AnaCap fund took control of the company and was appointed rich charles As a General Manager – includes opening a new line of business with an award. first contract applying computer programs for tax management autonomyin this case Cantabrian. It is a contract that will last 10 years and the firm will receive 7.1 million euros.

GTT management team with Carlos Rico at the centre.

Until now, the firm has focused its activities on the management of taxes at the municipal level, either directly through agreements with the city council or through the county councils.

But in addition to this, GTT continued with its plans. international expansionwhich caused him to buy it in 2019 Dominican company GSM Consortiumhas become the main provider of tax administration in this country. In 2021, the company also signed its first international contract as a tax software technology provider. central government of Honduras. A project with the support of the Ibero-American Development Bank.

new acquisition

Last year’s good results encouraged the company to continue its policy. Purchases in Spain, where it bought the Basque company Gesmunpal three years ago, allowed it to expand in the north of the country and attack the market of medium-sized municipalities. Now the technology company from Alicante has announced that it has acquired the Meana Group’s Public Administration business, which has a technological platform. Electronic Management and is recognized as one of the main suppliers of such solutions in the Public Sector.

A new business segment that the firm is considering complement focused on tax management, which he thought would allow him to expand his business. especially at a time like this digitization Due to the pandemic, the number of administrations has increased significantly.

Thus, from the company, their portfolio As they explained, the full viability of Grupo Meana’s electronic processing platform has been increased by this acquisition at the national and international level.

Currently, GTT programs are already available 4,500 local, provincial and regional organizations. Its clients include city councils such as Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Murcia, Córdoba or Valencia, as well as numerous county councils.

GTT (short for Regional Tax Administration) born in 1998When a group of administrators who participated in the formation of Suma, the tax body of the Diputación de Alicante, decided to copy this model from the private sphere. led by a project Ferdinand Square. Initially, its main shareholders were savings banks, which, with the crisis, sold their participation to the Realza Capital fund. This was later sold to the executives of GED and Oquendo, who transferred the property to British fund AnaCap in the summer of 2020.

The company recently strengthened its board with the inclusion of Nuria Oliver, engineer and head of the European ELLIS Artificial Intelligence Network.

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