Arrested for corruption of minors a month after being released for abuse in San Vicente

A 35-year-old Hispanic man with a history of abuse has been re-arrested. San Vicente del Raspeig He was condemned on three corruption charges of minors a month after he was provisionally released due to a previous complaint for other similar facts. Now, after the last arrest, he was released again after the judicial decision was made on the complaints of the families of the three young children whom he offered money for sexual purposes. According to the complainants, the arrested person offered to go to or to his house with him. that they allow themselves to be touchedall this in exchange for different amounts, Between 50 and 500 Euros.

this Field of Investigation of the San Vicente del Raspeig Civil Guarddoes not rule out that this man in charge of the investigations, who was previously arrested three times for sexual abuse of minors in the same municipality, has more victims. alacanti.

The first of the most recent complaints was made in mid-April. two young girls 15 and 16 years old They were walking along a central street in San Vicente at around eight in the afternoon on April 16 when a man approached them and offered to accompany him home, showing them several 50-euro notes. First he offered them 250 euros, then it went up to 500 euros, but minors showed their rejection and by accelerating towards a more crowded place, they were able to deter the vanishing man.

Four days later, when Civil Guard investigators carried out appropriate investigations to find the person who corrupted the minor, they received another similar complaint. It happened at the same time and on a different street in San Vicente. In this case, the man showed him two 50-euro bills and said he would give the money if he let him play. Küçük also left and his family filed a complaint about it.

With the data provided by the victims, the Civil Guards were quickly able to locate the alleged perpetrator, who was arrested at the beginning of last May. Prisoner charged three corruption crimes of minors and the jailer’s court granted his release despite being arrested for harassment on March 24, just over a month before he was re-offended. Likewise, there are two more arrests in 2021 for similar incidents.

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