She had a bikini pose before. Main Obregonbut for some time now, the arrival of summer has been awaited by the video clip, in this relentless fall into the gap in national uses and traditions. Leticia Sabater.

“The Whore Mistress” What is the name of the musical monstrosity the singer uses? Look for your share of interest. In conclusion, it must be said that this is not the worst song of the person responsible for the songs “La Salchipapa”, “El Polvorrón” and “La Bananakiki”. Rigoberta Bandini and “copy” his style and rhythm “Bitch”he even dared to change the treble pitch in a few lines.

not him Bob Dylansure, but the lyrics of Catalan’s new “hit” at least send a message when talking about it. sexual diversity and that, among others, he should not care what they say.

this Video clipyes, it continues to give the same embarrassment as always with its homemade assembly, inexplicable bikinis and Z series colors and special effects.

Song produced to match their performance bars, clubs and LGTBQ+ walkshe signs and Angelica Uceda and Ivan Guerrero as producers. The same with which she proudly showed the results of her tenth appointment with the scalpel: this time a facelift and breast augmentation.