The Netherlands plans to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine in 2024 20:25

According to the TV channel, Head of the Dutch Ministry of Defense Kaisa Ollongren said that the country wants to send its first F-16 warplanes to Ukraine in 2024. MSNBC.

“Actual deliveries of the warplanes will begin next year,” he said.

According to him, pilot training will last approximately 6-8 months.

Previously, a group of Ukrainian pilots and technical experts had already started F-16 warplanes are being trained. This was announced by Pentagon press secretary Brigadier General Patrick Ryder.

He explained that Ukrainian pilots and maintainers should come to the United States soon.” According to Ryder, their training begins with English language courses. Then, flight training will begin in about “a few weeks.”

While the Pentagon spokesman did not specify exactly how many pilots and technicians would come to the USA, he noted that several pilots and dozens of technicians would come.

Previously in NATO named The condition for the transfer of F-16 to Ukraine.

Source: Gazeta


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