Andrey Vorobyov checked the reconstruction of water supply systems in Voskresensk 18:09

Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov checked the progress of work on the replacement of the water supply system in the Lopatinsky microdistrict, and also the press service of the head of the Moscow region answered questions from local residents.

“We are in a difficult neighborhood. The outdated housing stock here has been having problems with the supply of heat and quality water for a long time. VZU is a very important issue. I am here to ensure that the problem is solved, to promise heat and water and to apologize for the inconvenience. Now the residents of the region rightly give us this “Besides the works, there is another glaring problem, namely the condition of the houses. We must help the microdistrict, it has been around for many years, the networks have been around even longer,” he said.

It is stated that in the Lopatinsky microdistrict, water networks with a total length of more than 4 km will be replaced. Now more than 2.8 km has been laid, 72 wells have been drilled. Readiness – over 70%. We replaced 2 pumps with a Lopatinsky water pump and put a previously mothballed well into operation.

A deferrization station with a capacity of 240 m³/hour will also be commissioned in the microzone in 2024. It is also planned to overhaul the water networks on the street. Komsomolskaya and st. Andres to st. Markina.

As part of the production program of the municipal unitary enterprise “Belozerskoe Housing and Communal Services”, 25 deep well pumps have already been replaced in the central water supply system in Voskresensk, 260 technological incidents, including 190 pipeline ruptures, have been eliminated. Additionally, 550 m of water supply in the village of Yurasovo was replaced. Shutoff valves are currently being checked and repaired.

In total, by 2027, the quality of water supply in Voskresensk is expected to improve for 106 thousand residents.

“The next phase is a major renovation of the houses. It is important that we first tell you what we will have – Central Street or Pervomaiskaya, which apartment buildings, what involves major repairs – roofing, basements, replacement of communications, facades. This year, thanks to joint efforts, we will finally overcome the problem of defrauded shareholders,” the governor said.

According to him, the struggle for renewal is currently actively ongoing. “In the Moscow region, 100 thousand people live in 2-storey barracks. And our task is, first of all, to build high-rise buildings in the city and demolish dilapidated ones,” Vorobiev concluded.

Previously “” reportedHe said that they plan to open 48 kindergartens in the Moscow region by the end of the year. Also this year, all kindergartens in the Moscow region switched to the “Preschool” standard.

Source: Gazeta


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